Pluto Aspects to Midheaven

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Note: For semi-sextile, read the sextile. For semi-square, read the square. The same traits and characteristics apply, but they will not be as prominent, as pronounced or as influential as they are with either the sextile or square.

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Pluto Conjunct Midheaven: You can perceive the workings of the subtle forces of nature and have the insight and impetus to be a spiritual leader. If you're highly evolved, you may have an important spiritual mission to perform that results in the regeneration of the forces controlling society. Your actions have a subtle and far-reaching effect on your environment and you're able to use occult and intuitive forces to influence those in power. You're usually brilliant in business, often achieving fame (or notoriety if you use ruthless means to achieve your goals) in your field which often involves highly sophisticated techniques, science or occult. You tend to constantly remake your professional and public standing.
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Pluto Trine Midheaven: You have driving ambition toward professional success and leadership, and this success allows regeneration of your domestic life. You have good organizing ability and you keep improving your work techniques. You understand power and how to deal with those who wield it. You're able to make a clean break with the past and start anew. Your home or work often involves occult or science.
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Pluto Square Midheaven: Your desire to transform existing conditions causes problems with authority figures of all kinds. You feel you know a better method for work or want more power in the decision making process, causing conflicts with your employer and superiors. You may be a political revolutionary and incur official government disfavor. Your autocratic and dictatorial tendencies can cause problems both at home and at work. All of this results in strain. Sudden setbacks, not necessarily your fault, slow progress and cause difficulties. You can be daring and foolhardy.
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Pluto Sextile Midheaven: You have considerable professional skill and ambition and you're always looking for ways to improve your career. You have good organizing ability and you're able to gain the cooperation and support of those in power. Your concepts on how to organize domestic affairs are firm, and you have a harmonizing, yet transforming, influence on your home environment, which you're continually trying to improve. You're able to make a clean break with the past and start anew.
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Pluto Inconjunct Midheaven: Sudden setbacks, not necessarily your fault, slow progress, cause difficulties and result in feelings of constant strain and tension. You can be daring and foolhardy.
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Pluto Opposite Midheaven: You need to regenerate domestic affairs and family relationships, especially with your parents. You can be daring and foolhardy and an overactive sex life may be the result of restrictive childhood conditions. You often have an occult attunement to nature and its hidden resources. Your home may be a place of occult activity or be peculiar in some way.
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