You're breezy, outgoing and extroverted, but you often lack concentration and may be superficial unless Jupiter is well placed. You have many acquaintances but few friends. You're very talkative, direct and to the point, but you need diplomacy and tact. You're very restless and love to travel and be on the move. You love horses and the out-doors and you have an inclination towards philosophy and religion. You make a good executive, but women lack femininity and quietness. You're often tall with small shoulders and big hips. You tend to put on weight in your middle years.

Degrees Planet Traits
0-9.99 Jupiter You're very restless, easily bored, friendly and sociable-- a real talker and traveler. You're intuitive and optimistic and can make a great salesman, but you need a strong Saturn to have depth.
10-19.99 Mars You're a pioneer in new philosophic, religious and educational ideas. You're adventurous and independent but you can be fool-hardy since you tend to act first and think later. You hate to be hemmed in.
20-29.99 Sun You're kindhearted, generous, intuitive and inspirational. If advanced, you can be of great help to others, but, if afflicted, you must overcome vanity and extravagance.

Sagittarius on the 1st House: You project yourself with optimism and you appear interested and jovial, but you tend to take things for granted and think about things from your frame of reference. You're able to influence others to a system of thinking that's arranged to give you all the advantages and since your ambitions are geared to large-scale goals, so you may use this ability selfishly. You find any restriction hard to take and you often scatter your energies due to lack of concentration. You often procrastinate. You have a keen sense of humor and love to have a good time. Your strong desire to please others leads to impulsive promises which you often fail to keep, giving you a reputation for being unreliable, which you usually are unless Saturn is strong. You experience a definite spiritual change in later life.

Capricorn on the 2nd House: You're ambitious, practical and responsible in money matters and you don't spend foolishly or impulsively. You tend to be generous with your time and yourself, but not with your resources, due to a fear of loss. You're frugal and by things of lasting value. If Saturn is well aspected, you can do well in land speculation or anything to do with the earth. You must earn peace by learning true values. You often make money through land and real estate.

Aquarius on the 3rd House: Ideas come in flashes of intuition, but you can put them to practical use and you're able to communicate them in exciting and interesting ways. You're a progressive thinker, but your ideas must have practical use based on time-tested values. You're able to sense and know higher truths. You have an unusual relationship with your siblings and neighbors, who come and go unexpectedly in your life. You have a strong will but must earn freedom through self-discipline. If Saturn is afflicted, you have too much self-interest and if Uranus is afflicted, you have too much self-will. Relatives think you're too far out and you may feel like an alien in your own surroundings. You're a humanitarian. Your lungs are weak and you can have breathing problems.

Pisces on the 4th House: You enjoy privacy in your home and it's often used as a place of retreat. It may be provided by an institution for your use. You have a strong, sensitive, emotional nature and family interests and a desire for a home are strong. Service must be rendered where family is concerned and all obligations must be met, but this must not impede your development. Givingness can be carried too far. Your mystical sensitivity and/or retreat into your inner self will bring you peace.

Aries on the 5th House: You originate numerous concepts and expend a lot of energy in creative activity. You're independent and have an enthusiastic zest for life. You like to be on the move and are willing to take a chance on anything, but if Mars is afflicted, you can be too rash and impulsive. You have a great love of the outdoors and like sports, especially those involving competition or combat. You're passionate and aggressive in love and romance, but you tend to dominate or have ill-advised love affairs. You're dominating in relationships with your children, yet you can also be generous, and you enjoy your kids the most when they're old enough to be your friends. In your early life, you travel physically; in later life, spiritually. You must learn to project yourself outside your own interests.

Taurus on the 6th House: Your work is practical, often involves beauty or art and must be something you really enjoy before you're happy doing it. You dislike taking orders and work hard only if you get monetary gain for your effort. You tend to become bossy and to have fixed, inflexible opinions about co-workers. You have a great deal of stamina and strength and generally have robust health, provided you don't overeat or become self-indulgent, which may give problems with the throat or generative system. To get a true sense of values, you must serve.

Gemini on the 7th House: You're often a loner, but those you attract are intelligent, versatile and able to help you in practical ways. You're astute and intelligent in public relations but often prefer a partner to represent you and your ideas. You operate from your mind rather than your emotions and, unless you have many planets in water signs, you're as undemonstrative as your mate. You often have more than one marriage since you don't take it seriously unless fixed signs are prominent. Relatives are very important to you and you have strong ancestral ties. You have a quick tongue and sharp retort.

Cancer on the 8th House: You're intensely emotional about your own death and want to be remembered fondly after you're gone. Be sure your affairs are in order and that those you leave behind have ample provisions. You often use joint finances, generally earned by your partner, for your own betterment. Self-indulgence and dabbling in sensuality are dangerous and sex can be a problem if tied to lust and not to love and the desire to give. You tend to drown in you feelings and sensitivities rather than understand others' feelings and you must learn to control your emotions. You have psychic sensitivity to future events, especially negative ones.

Leo on the 9th House: You don't appear to want fame, but your subconscious mind and your philosophy are geared to attaining it and to achieving positions of importance in your profession. You have an optimistic faith and confidence in life and are always looking to the future. You're idealistic, truth-loving, honest and sincere of purpose unless Saturn is afflicted, then you can be arrogant and conceited. You're interested in higher education, including that of a spiritual nature. You often take long journeys, mentally or physically. If there are afflictions in the ninth house, live a distance from your in-laws to avoid problems with them caused by their dominating attitude.

Virgo on the 10th House: You appear circumspect, efficient and organized since you're particular about your public image, but you can appear aloof, cold and critical in your profession. You often have two careers. Service rendered and work done is important and a willingness to serve without getting something in return will bring blessings. You have a keen desire for perfection and don't like to be wrong, so you rationalize and justify. You must overcome your shyness. Aspects to Mercury, whether good or bad, increase your awareness.

Libra on the 11th House: You often obtain your goals by surrounding yourself with unusual, attractive, artistic and gracious friends who are stable and prosperous. You often marry a friend or a partner's friend. If Venus is weak, use discrimination in choosing your friends. Your desire to be all things to all people can cause problems. Too much indecisiveness may keep success at bay so you must clearly define your goals and objectives. You may be lazy and unwilling to work for your goals.

Scorpio on the 12th House: Your hidden support is your resourcefulness and your ability to see value in things others overlook, including the cultivation of others' hidden talent. Your downfall can be caused by hidden love affairs or secret resentments, and all tendency to resentment must be rooted out. The power of your subconscious can light your way or be very destructive and your subconscious must be illumined by your superconscious. If Mars or Pluto is afflicted, you've misused hidden wisdom in the past. Your secret enemy is often an unknown part of yourself.


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