Uranus Aspects to North Node

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Note: For semi-sextile, read the sextile. For semi-square, read the square. The same traits and characteristics apply, but they will not be as prominent, as pronounced or as influential as they are with either the sextile or square.

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Uranus Conjunct North Node: You're apt to profit from sudden changes in existing social conditions. You're attuned to changing times but may become so caught up in it that you don't give adequate forethought to long term effects of these changes.
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Uranus Trine North Node: You're able to take advantage of changing social attitudes and institutions and may even lead these reforms. Political views are liberal and may even be revolutionary. You are able to adapt quickly to new conditions and seize new opportunities.
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Uranus Square North Node: A nonconformist attitude and demand for personal freedom clash with social standards. You often disregard social mores, gaining disapproval from society and often resulting in misfortunes.
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Uranus Sextile North Node: You intuitively anticipate sudden changes in public opinion and are able to take advantage of new opportunities this creates. You have the desire and ability to initiate social reforms. You're able to use unusual and unexpected methods to gain public attention and support.
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Uranus Inconjunct North Node: Prevailing social norms often cause unexpected upsets in your life or your desire for nonconformity causes you to totally disregard society's standards.
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Uranus Opposite North Node: You experience sudden upsets in your life due to changing social and technological conditions. You're determined and able to preserve worthwhile traditions from social fads.
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