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Hi, my name is LaDonna and this is my first web page. I've gathered some of my favorite fantasy artists, wicca art, holiday such as christmas and halloween, civil war and celtic art, as well as other clipart, celebrities, Disney movies and Looney Tune graphics, book reviews from some of my favorite writers such as stephen king, anne rice, and dean kootnz just to name a few, albums, books and different items for sale, throughout the web. It's not everything but it was fun trying. Any constructive criticism is appreciated. Don't forget to sign in. I am just beginning to get this page started. It's still under construction but I didn't want to put those stupid construction pictures on the page. The some of the links are broken but be patient. I will have them linked up quickly. In the antique books page I have educational, stories, and history such as "General History, Cyclopedia and Dictionary of Freemasonry by Robert Macoy, 33'" and "The Chase of the Golden Plate, Jacques Futrelle, 1906". In the Items for Sale page I have hardware, software, computer books and other stuff like, a Maxtor 72004RP, 2GB Hard Drive, an Epson Printer, a Morgan Silver Dollar set, a Collector's Edition Franklin Mint Gold Monopoly Game (still in the box). On the Fantasy page I have such artists as Boris Vallejo, Luis Royo, Julie Bell and many more! On the celebrity page I have Brendan Fraser, Harrison Ford, Pamela Anderson just to name a few. I also have an area for my daughter to chat and give other teenagers advice on things she has gone through and maybe you (the teenager) is going through right now, I hope she can help. If she needs advice from me, I'll help anyway I can. But that will be her page and she will be putting the input into it. She'll have some of her favorite links, a poetry page where you can submit your own poetry if you like, and anything else she can think of. It's not up and running right now, so you'll have to wait on her.







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