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A Single Bird

A single bird upon a branch sings
oh so merrily
It's music touching hearts and minds
just like a symphony.

Gay notes that spring so easily
from a tiny feathered throat
Sing out the joy of God's great work
His voice in every note.

He gave it wings that it might fly
to spread His joy around
And where you hear a bird's song
you know His love abounds.

We are like a single bird
each with a song to sing
And if we listen for God's tune
our voice will clearly ring.

Our music may be different
than all of those around
But if we sing with faith and hope
we'll make a joyful sound.

So let us be a single bird
with love for all His ways
And He will give us wings to fly
in honor of our praise.

Written By: Evegene

~~~~This poem is copyrighted
Please do not use without permission.

I would like to thank Evegene

for permission to use her
Beautiful Poem,God bless You

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