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El Salvador
I spent the month of December in El Salvador visiting my sister Amy and brother-in-law Vince.
Amy is the rector of an Anglican church and parochial school called San Andres Apostal in Soyapango, a section of San Salvador (the capitol city).  Vince is doing a music ministry for the diocese of El Salvador.
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Updates From El Salvador
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These are meditations written from the daily readings from the Episcopal lectionary.  They were written for St. Luke's Atascadero, my home parish, and published on their website.
December 10 - "For I am with you"
December 17 - "Go!"
December 20 - "Here I am"
December 22 - "Believing..."
Info on El Salvador
I compiled this information as background for friends and family who were coming to El Salvador to visit.  But I am leaving it up, as it provides a succinct introduction to current events and recent history in El Salvador (inspiring and tragic).  I am not a quotable source on El Salvador, but I have included links that I used in my research.
El Salvador is a wonderful country and the people I met are full of love, hope and generosity.  The church here is still very active in the lives of the people, and fought tirelessly for truth and liberation during the war (see martyrs timeline below).  Learning about what they have survived and overcome is truly inspiring, and by learning about their tragedy (and our involvement in it as Americans) we stand with them in a very real way, as witnesses to the truth.

You can organize a mission trip to El Salvador through
Episcopal Relief and DevelopmentCLICK HERE for more info.
Current Events & Links Click Here
Important Massacres, Martyrs, and Dates
Updates sent to my home parish, St. Lukes Atascadero.
Week 2
Week 3
Photos from my retreat weekend at Cielo Mar