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Below are some youth group materials I've developed.  Please feel free to use what every you like. View detailed information by clicking on the title. Scroll down to see all matierials.
Quidditch for Muggles
Harry Potter and Quidditch are obviously copyrighted.  This is just one of hundreds of ways in which Harry Potter fans around the world have devised to play Quidditch themselves… now all we need are brooms that fly.
This version of
Quidditch has been refined by the ideas of many different Quidditch players.
· The oldest Quidditch player was 70 years old (MVP for Slytherin at the St. Luke’s Picnic match of ‘05). 
· The oldest average age of players was also achieved at the St. Luke’s Picnic match of ’05, where the median age was 45 (only one player was an actual youth). 
· The largest Quidditch match recorded was the St. Barnabas Easter match of ’05 (round 1), 31 players stormed the field, no one knew what team they were on, a bloodbath ensued, and the game ended in total confusion when the Ravenclaw Seeker caught the snitch, but no one noticed. 
· The most magical interference happened in the Atascadero Interdenominational Quidditch Tournament of ’05, when the entire Slytherin team was bewitched to hop on one foot instead of run. 
If you play Quidditch, please email me your own historical facts… remember like much else in Quidditch the facts are open to interpretation!
This version of Quidditch has been used at youth gatherings and church wide activities including play days, picnics, and of course Quidditch is an excuse in itself for a gathering.  It has been used at countywide gatherings of youth groups in the Episcopal Dioses of El Camino Real (San Luis Obispo Deanery), and one citywide gathering of youth groups from several different denominations.  Quidditch is a game that has different positions with different levels of activity.  It is great for allowing people of all different ages and sports abilities to play together.  It is also great for teaching good sportsmanship, and teamwork.
Click Here for Instructions
Christmas Pageant
This Christmas Pageant was performed at St. Luke’s Episcopal Church, Atascadero in 2004.  The script was written around a few rather unique costumes we had access to.  You can re-write the script to fit whatever unique costumes you can come up with.  See the script and prop list below:
Click here for the Script
Click here for the Prop List