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Getting Back in Touch

As expressed elsewhere on this site, each of us has a great source of wisdom within. The problem often is that we allow ourselves to be distracted and, thus, we lose touch with this profound inner resource. We spend, or more properly mis-spend, our lives in a frenzy of trivia or in obsessing over that which we cannot control.

Quieting down our minds and, thus, getting back in touch with our intuition can help us live happier more productive lives. It can also unlock access to a very useful source of guidance.

The term "getting back in touch" is a very deliberate choice of words designed to emphasize that this is really the natural state of affairs. It is the restoration of the precious inner harmony that we have let slip from our grasp, not the achievement of any new faculty.


There are many ways to restore this inner balance.

The following pages describe several techniques under the general heading of "meditation". As you will see from what follows, this term is used in a fairly broad sense.

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