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May All Who Enter Here Find Peace

This website is devoted to healing in the fullest sense of that term -harmony or peace- across all aspects of existence - physical, mental and spiritual.

When we are in harmony, we are whole. When we are whole, we are healed.

Reiki is a powerful tool for healing.

This site is primarily directed to those already familiar with Reiki. It contains practices which I have found useful and which I hope will benefit you on your path.

Included here you will find:

as well as other hopefully useful pages.

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Some of the material here is drawn from specific religious traditions. This does not imply that these traditions are more worthy or true than those not mentioned. The religion of The God is one and in its fundamental essence most simple: It calls us to do what is right and avoid what is evil. Since humanity is diverse in cultures and languages, the message comes in many tongues and forms.

Sometimes we hear more clearly what is spoken to others rather than to ourselves. The insights in these traditions, which are foreign to me, have resonated more deeply with me than those from my native culture.

Such experiences are fundamentally very personal. These same traditions may not speak to you as intensely or at all. That is fine. If so, take what wisdom you do find here and simply treat the remainder as small stones in the path to be stepped around or over.

Reiki is not a religion and imposes no required beliefs on practitioners. Like this site, Reiki welcomes all - believers and non believers alike.

Please read the Notice and Disclosure page before proceeding further.

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