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The Nature of Reiki

Users of this website are reminded that Reiki is not "magic". Specific results are not guaranteed. Therefore, the practices and techniques described on this site are not a substitute for professional medical care, but may only be complementary.

Independence and Non-Affiliation

This site is not affiliated with any Reiki or other organization or other website. Nor does it have the endorsement or sanction of any such organization. This website is also non-commercial in nature and is not in the business of business. From time to time individuals, groups and even products may be named. These references are strictly informational in nature. Any links to other websites are provided for the convenience of users of this website.

Copyright Information

Except as otherwise indicated, all pictures used on this site should be considered copyrighted by this website. Any other copyrighted material is only used with the permission of the copyright owner and will be identified as such, including the name of the copyright owner.

If you see anything on this site which you believe rightfully belongs to another party, please Contact Us with details.

You may use any material appearing on this site which is owned by this site, if you use it for non-commercial purposes and you give credit to the site as the copyright holder.

If there is third party owned material on this site, then you should contact the copyright holder for permission to use.

Personal Views

Reiki is not a religion. Nor does not impose any required dogma or system of belief on its practitioners.

Accordingly, much of the material on this site is strictly speaking not Reiki. Rather it consists of my personal views and experiences with techniques and processes I find useful in my Reiki work. You may agree or disagree with what you find here. Either reaction is fine. I hope that you will find some benefit from the material posted in these pages.

Personal Background

Our upbringing and our experiences shape our personalities and, thus, our works. In understanding and evaluating what you read here, it's useful for you to have some idea of the conscious and unconscious biases that may inform my work. To that end some brief comments about my training and personal beliefs:

  • I am a Reiki Level III ("Master Level") and a Karuna Reiki© "Master" and received my Reiki training from licensed teachers of The International Center for Reiki Training©. However, The ICRT does not endorse my site or my views. These are strictly my own and my own responsibility.

  • With respect to other Reiki "schools" and practitioners, I adhere to The ICRT's belief that all Reiki schools and Reiki practitioners have value. No Reiki school is superior to another.

  • I am also a believer in The God. I believe the religion of The God is one and quite elegantly simple: We are called to do the right and to avoid the evil. Since mankind is diverse in culture and language, the messengers and message come to us in many tongues. My own approach is somewhat eclectic - I take a theme from one tradition and another from another to construct the most resonant (for me) message. As indicated elsewhere on this site, much of this has come from outside the tradition I was raised in because sometimes "We hear more clearly that which is spoken to others that that which is spoken directly to us". However, I respect your right to hold different views or none at all on this topic.

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