Van Tassel

Van Tassel

Van Tassel (Van Texel) Family

(some children were born and listed under Van Texel-some census spelled the name Vantassell)

Cornelis Prins Van Texel

name:Cornelis Prins Van Texel*
b: 1550 at Koog, Isle of Texel, Holland, Netherlands
m: 1573
other spouses: none
children: Jan Van Texel

Jan Van Texel

Name: Jans Van Texel
b: 1575 at Schoonderwoert, Isle of Texel, Off North Coast, Holland
d: New York
other spouses: none
father: Cornelis Prins Van Texel
b: 1578
d: New York
children: Cornelis Jansen Van Texel

Cornelis Jansen Van Texel

name: Cornelis Jansen Van Texel
b: 1600 at Isle of Texel, Off North Coast, Holland
m: 1624 at North Shore, Long Island, New York
d: Neiuw Amsterdam, New York
other spouses: none
father: Jans Van Texel
wife: Wuchikittawbut know also as Catoneras* (Indian Princess)
b: 1603 at Eaton's Neck, Stufford Co., New York
d: 1659
father: "grand sachem" Wyandance (Montauk tribe)or "sachem" Asharoken (Matinecock tribe)
mother: Wach-I-Kit-Kaw But
children: Jan Cornelissen Van Tassel
*There seems to be a converse over who was her father and what tribe she belonged. According to L.I. history Wyandance would be too young to be her father. Since she was from the Eaton's Neck area a sachem from the Matinecock tribe would most likely be her father. Also, Cornelis petitioned for land in the Eaton's Neck area after his marriage. Some records give the name Wuchikittawbut or Catoneras or Heather Flower. The fact still remains, she was an Indian princess from L.I. and married a Van Tassel.

Jan Cornelissen Van Tassel

name: Jan Cornelissen Van Tasseel
b: 1625 at New York , Fort Amsterdam, Mahatten Island, NY
m: May 1, 1657 at Milwort, Flastbush, New York
d: 1704 at Tarrytown, Philipsburg Manor, Westchester Co., New York
other spouses: none
father: Cornelis Janse Van Tassel
mother: Miss Catonera
wife: Annetje Alberts
b: 1646 at Milwort, Flatbush, Kings Co., New York
d: Oct. 13, 1731
father: Albert Alberts Terhune
mother: Geertje
children: Sara, Margaret (Grieti/Van Texel), Hendrick, Cornelis Jansen (Van Texel), Catherine (Catrina), Jan Cornelius (Van Texel DR Von Thessal), Grietje, Jan, William, Annetje, Jacob

Jacob Van Tassel

name: Jacob Van Tassel
b: July 23, 1676 at Milwort, Flatbush, Long Island
m: 1697 at Sleepy Hollow, Westchester Co., New York
other spouses: (may have had a second marriage)
father: Jan Cornelissen Van Tassel
mother: Annetje Alberts
wife: Alida or Aeltje Storm
b: Oct. 31, 1680 at Broolyn, Queens, New York
father:Dirck Goris or Gerisz Storm
mother: Maris Pieterse Van Montfoort
children: William, Theodolus, Hendrick, Cornelius, Annatje, Marytie Johannis, Catherine

Cornelius Van Tassel

name: Cornelius Van Tassel
b: 1710 at Tarrytown, Westchester Co., NY
m: Aug 26, 1732 at Philipsburg, Westchester Co., New York
other spouses: none
father:Jacob Van Tassel
mother:Alida or Aeltje Storm
wife:Antie Williams
b: 1711 at Tarrytown, Westchester Co., New York
father: Robert Williams
mother: Maritj Yerks
children: Jacob, Maritie, William, John, Abraham, Cornelis

William Van Tassel

name: William Van Tassel
b: 1737 at Tarrytown, Westchester Co., New York
d: 1781
other spouses: none
father: Cornelius Van Tassel
mother: Antie Williams
wife: Hester
b: 1740 at Philipstown, Putnam Co., New York
childen: Catherine, Henry

Henry Van Tassel

name: Henry Van Tassel
b: 1778 at Philiptown, Putnam Co., New York
d: 1858
other spouses: none
father: William Van Tassel
mother: Hester
wife: Jane Bell
b: 1785 Oscawana Lake, Putnam Co., New York
d: 1825
children: Esther, Peter, Jane, Jones, Henry, Delia Isaac, John
*Taken from the LDS church site files-family search.

Jones Bell Van Tassel

name: Jones Van Tassel
b: 1808 at Horton's Pond, Oscawana Lake, Putnam Co., New York
d: Apr. 6, 1862
other spouses: none
father: Henry Van Tassel
mother: Jane Bell
wife: Ann Curry
b: Jan. 1812 at Cold Spring, Putnam Co., New York
d: May 8, 1882
children: Mary Elizabeth, Isaac D., James H., Susan Esther, John Willliam, Sarah, Catheine

Isaac Van Tassel

name: Isaac Van Tassel
b: May 11,1841 at Cold Spring, Putnam Co., New York
m: 1865
other spouses: none
father: Jones Van Tassel
mother: Ann Curry
wife: Sarah Doxey (mother was Quaker)
b: 1845 at Cold Spring, Putnam Co., New York
father: Edwin Doxey (old Cemetery-Middleburg/Wappingers)
mother: Mary Smith (old Cemetery-Middleburg/Wappingers)
children:Jennifer (Murray), Lucinda (Owens), Maria, Matilda, Mary, Melinda, Alice Elizabeth (Burdick) see Wheeler-Burdick, Lewis Jones Van Tassel (there were 9 daughters)

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John Henry, Thomas Jefferson, Isaac Allen, Raymond A., Edith May, David Martin, and Jennie Catharine
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