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Ideas Welcome

To help other teachers I offer a series of slideshows called The World Wide Web and the Internet an Introduction that I created for my students on how the web works. Feel free to use it, but if you do, please let me know.

You can also give me your links, ideas and thoughts by sending me an Email.

For My Students

Take a look at my preview of assignment pages I look forward to an exciting year!

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Search Mamma

MAMMA --The mother of all Search Engines


If you allow your children, or if you teach children to use the net, please read the following story and discuss it with your children/students. A warning for children and Parents about giving information out on the net.

Phoenix University

I teach in the Masters Program of Phoenix University, Vancouver BC campus. Here is a list of links to lesson plans and tutorials put together by and for my students as part of their requirements for their Masters in Curriculum and Instruction at the the University of Phoenix, Vancouver Campus.

Take a look and if these lesson plans are useful to you, feel free to use them, just let me know if you have used or plan to use them so I can pass the information along to the teachers, who developed them for you. You can contact me by Emailing me

Travel Ideas

I also believe that travel is one of the best educational experience a person can have. We learn about new areas, and about other people while having fun. I have put together travel links to over 100 countries, 250 Airlines, 150 Airports and other great holiday planning resources from around the world to help you plan your travels and vacations. Just click on the pull down menu on Travel Links to save you Money

If you are interested in going to Egypt take a look at this site Peltours- Egypt Holidays Peltours--Egypt Holidays Peltours are the UK's premier tour operator to Egypt offering a range of holidays to the red sea, Cairo and Luxor. Peltours are based in London UK.

Discount Hotel Reservation - Hotel Club

I have visited each page that I have linked to but I have not visited each link on every site. The sites I have listed are, for the most part, suitable for all age levels.

Lost Links Check Here

If you click on a link and find that it doesn't get you to the site, it is very likely that you will still be able to find the site using the Search Engine on this site, or you can use the following search engine:

"Congratulations! the International Association of Web Masters & Designers has reviewed your Web-site and it has been chosen to bear the 1999-2000 Golden Web Award. All web sites are voted on by the Association members, and all I.A.W.M.D. decisions are final"


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