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So Rondell White is injured. That's kind of like saying, "So the sun came up today." I have a sickening feeling that this is only the beginning of many injuries for the Yankees this year. Actually the beginning was Jason Giambi with a tight hamstring. It's very early in the spring but these sort of things have a way of sticking around. Worse than that, look at the pitching staff.
Roger Clemens is 325 years old. Sterling Hitchcock is really still coming off shoulder surgery. David Wells is coming off back surgery and Orlando Hernandez says he's what? 34? Yeah. And I'm seven, He's at least 38. It's only a matter of time before that comes out.

Hockey, for a (line) change: Now that we're past the Olympics, (Who else was secretly happy the Canadians won the gold?) the Islanders are still in the thick of the playoff picture. This proves two things:
1. Alexi Yashin is one hell of a player.
2. Michael Peca is too.
Easily the best two free agent signings in recent NHL history. Sorry Brett Hull.
The Isles were despicable last year and for many years before that. Enter problem child Yashin and gritty Peca (sorry, Chris Osgood is not the reason, or the answer in goal) and just like that you've got a team that everyone else worries about. And not just the Rangers.

The Dallas Mavericks now have a roster of 12 all-stars and STILL, no one will beat the Lakers in the post-season.

Included in the Jalen Rose deal to Chicago was former Hofstra swingman Norman Richardson. The Associated Press wrote in the story that he is the son of Nolan Richardson of Arkansas. Um.... no he isn't.
I bet Norm was pretty surprised when he found out at age 22 that he was adopted!
I think Nolan Richardson's got enough on his mind right now, he doesn't need any more children.
Speaking of Nolan Richardson, in light of his recent tirade, I kinda get the feeling there something going on that we don't know about.

I love Arkansas basketball. "40 minutes of Hell." That's cool. I hope they don't fire him.

It's good to see Mo Vaughn back in baseball. Although, I think he's going to have an awful year by his standards: (.262,  21 HR, 89 RBI).

This page is under investigation and subject to boycott until I get my gold medal.

Even as a Yankees fan I’m sickened and annoyed by Jason Giambi’s “It’s great to be in a place where you can win,” load of crap. Don’t give me that. The A’s won 100 games two years in a row and the only reason they didn’t beat the Yankees is because your doped-up brother didn’t knock Posada on his ass. If Giambi  had signed with Oakland they’d be favored to win it all this year. If it is really all about winning he’d have taken a little less money and a three year contact from the A’s. That way, if the team has a fire sale he’ll be a free agent and e can still latch on with a winner. Please. Why do these guys keep telling us that it’s not about the $17 million? Giambi is in New York because that’s who was going to pay him. Period.

Uh… Rafael Palmeiro is going to be a spokesperson for Viagra. Um… I… eh…. what? His agent was qick to point out that he doesn’t suffer from erectile dysfunction. (When did impotence become erctile dysfunction?) Anyway, back to Palmeiro. I guess I have just one question… WHY!?! Does he need the money? Does he have a friend who can’t get it up? Why would the Viagra people want Rafael Palmeiro? Nobody outside of baseball knows who the guy is. What, they couldn’t get Bonds or Rodriguez so they slide down the star ladder and wind up with Palmeiro?

This goes without saying but, John Rocker and Carl Everett in the same locker room. That’s just awesome isn’t it?

Who will hit more home runs this year? Juan Pierre or Luis Castillo? You’d think Pierre because he plays in Coors Field. My money’s on Castillo. I’d have included Rey Ordonez in the bet but I think he’s building to a monster year. He’s good for seven dingers easy. He may even flirt with double digits.

For the first time in ten years you can be certain that the Expos will NOT be trading any of their star players at the trading deadline. No way in Hell Bud Selig, Frank Robinson and Omar Minaya want to be involved in or held responsible for the outcome of the pennant race.

The best of all possible scenarios would have the Expos three games out of first on July 25th. What the hell would they do then? But it will never happen.

The Mets new offense is not being over-rated for one reason. Robby Alomar. Without him, the new line up would just feature a bunch of strikeouts and the occasional homer. Alomar will bat .330 score 115 runs and drive in at least 90.

If Jay Payton gets enough at bats, Payton, Mo Vaughn  and Jeromy Burnitz will easily combine for 400 strikeouts.

If Derek Jeter gets enough at bats, there will be too many high school girls screaming in Yankee Stadium.

Finally, in light of recent revelations about players ages. I thought you all should know; I’m not 31. I’m actually 84 years old.
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