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Hello It's me Rewanta Subba, an inhabitant of Sunsari, Jhumka-5, BHA.SI.(VDC), Nepal. It's situated on the east- west  highway which extends from Mechi to Mahakali, Mahendra Highway (Nepal's longest highway), 6 km west from Itahari town. The word  Jhumka, my native village, has it's own especial background that how it got existed as the name of village.

It's said, people in the village, in the early years, used to organize  dance programmes. On the very context, one of the dancers from India played a song called "Jhumka Girare", which left a heart touching to all the people of this village. And even people around the villages heard this song. As a result, the word has turned to the name of this village  since people started to know this village as Jhumka in short instead Jhumka Girare.

My birth place is located just 1 km west from Jhumka called "Piparah", I love  this colony very much. I remember those days when I used to play with my friends there in the village. I used to play with mud making different pots like a porter. Due to this most of my friends call me as kumare which is originally taken from the word "Kumale" porter.  And it has become my nick name that I am even called in my family by this name. There is a  school called Pipahara Panchayat Prathamik Vidhalaya" in my village where I studied up to five. This is first school which is still producing good students. Now it has been promoted to  lower secondary school which runs classes from one- seven. This is the only development that I saw in my village. Other things are still same, same route, same sand same mud where I used to play with my friends and got my nick name.

Next, I joined Bhadgaun secondary School where I studied six and seven classes. There I didn't find good environment so i left that school and joined Janta Secondary School situated on Singiya (VDC) next to BHA.SI. There I really find good friends Rajesh (late), Laxman, Khagendra. They really made so many changes in my life. I passed my SLC with good result. That school really brought so many changes in my life.

Next step I joined Purwanchal Engineering Campus for my higher study for Diploma Engineering. I became a good student of Mechanical Engineering there. There I met my best friend Shree by whom I knew so many new things. I really never forget him throughout my life. He is in fact my great friend till now. I completed my  Diploma Engineering in 2002 as a regular student.                                    back to top                

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