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"Our aim is to link us together as we prepare for our 25th Grand Anniversary Reunion in the year 2003."

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Here is a picture the Gonzalez's Riverside residence in a recent get together with the Parados.

(See "Making New Friends" below for more on the get-together)

October 2001 Edition

Dear folks!

I am asking each and every one of you to please say a little prayer for all of those people in United States, for their families and loved ones who were
victims of the tragedy and for those people involve to surrender and enlighten them and repent for what they did.

Let us continue praying for all of our safety and guidance for everyday living.  Thanks.

In Jesus name, praise the LORD!
Virginia Paiste

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    Inia was the first one I thought of when I heard about the WTC incident.  She took me and my family to the top of the tower two years ago. 
     Here are some correspondence from our batchmates relating to the terrorist attack in the USA.

Happy Birthday!!!

Reynaldo Reyes - Oct 18
Helen Roque-Pandy - Oct 27
Liby Rueda-Odiamar - Oct 28
Fenchie Eugenio-Cajiuat - Oct 28

Happy Anniversary !!!

Al & Melinda Custodio - Oct 17 (12th year)

Please notify us if your birthday/anniversary is not on the list.  If you know other celebrants please notify us, too.

Newly-Found Buddy

Fernando Celis

     I heard about talks that Fernando has been located but never got a chance to get info on him.  Got an email from Alumni Net and Fernand was listed as a new member.  Instinctively, I write an email to him right away.  Fernand is one hell of a friend you won't forget.  Got my first matchbox from him a yellow convertible Mercedes Benz when we were in Grade 5.
     When I think of Fernando, I think of "class" and "generosity" which are the two best words to describe him.

Newly-Found Buddy

     With the help of Ronnie Nieva....with words like "Ed, It's time you announce that you still exist to our batchmate."....

Edwin Tuazon
came out in the open.  Here's a couple of email from him. We have his phone number and home address if you need to contact him. You can also contact him at:

Makabayan Kaba?

Tingnan nga natin ang galing ninyo sa ating sariling wika?

Thanks to Joy Fabilla for this little quiz that she sent us. 

Try it out. Right-click on the flag below and choose "Save Target As.." to download the spreadsheet. Do the same with "Sagot ni Joy" to get the right answers. Simply click on them to play online.

Sagot ni Joy

Get Well Soon!!!

Philip Mangay
     Who met an accident in Iran while under duty. The Nissan Patrol they were riding fell into the ravine and Philip suffered two fractured bones on  the left portion of his leg within his hips to the knee.  He is recuperating at Home. Send your get-well messages to his email address:

  Please pray for Edna's mother Alicia Adriano for her recovery and healing who is in the Chinese General Hospital.  She's in coma due to the stroke she sufferred from. (meag99@edsamail.com.ph)
Buddy to Buddy
  This section will demonstrate to us the buddy system in our batch.  It is people helping people.  Do you need to find a buddy?  Send your "Buddy to Buddy" request to your geographic contacts.

Please help us find the following buddies:

(Still) Wanted:

 Joseph Gelito,  Maybelle Limasing, Rogelio Isleta, Bien Cruz, Ester Trilliana, Emma Nicholas, Yolanda Wines, Myrna Canlas, Elena Villalon, Caroline Palero-Torres, Bong Lauza, Nenette Kit Cruz, Antonio Ocampo,  Rainier Virgino, Susan Prado, Mario Mendoza, Benilda Inocencio, Precila Concepcion, Rodel Lachica, Rioben Guzman, Nora Villanueva

If you have information on them please let one of us know

 Making New Friends

Tess shared the joy of friendship her family experienced from Diana, Tony, Ysabel & Greg.  One more strong link added to the chain of friends in California.

Here is an eye-opener forwarded by Nell.  Let's all be a part of resurrecting the Philippines as the Pearl of the Orient by doing our fair share as Filipinos.  Think about what you can do for the Philippines....and you will reap the rewards of your actions. 

September Meeting Cancelled

The meeting to plan for the family day was cancelled.  People must be so engrossed with the disaster in New York that we got a few RSVPs.

The organizers have decided to do the planning and meet in small group and send the announcement on the actual date for the much awaited Family Day.


Everyone is Alive and Accounted For in New York

     It was a quiet morning in the office when a co-worker asked me if there is a television and cable around because there is a news that a plane hit the World Trade Center.  We have such an old TV and I could'nt get any channel from it so I hooked up the VCR to an In Focus projector and the training room became a small theater where everyone in the office watched things unfold in New York and Washington, DC.

     Meanwhile, I went back to my desk to write a simple note to Inia who currently reside in Bangkok:

--- "Buzon, Valentino  " <vbuzon@kpmg.ca> wrote: ----

Hi Inia,

 I just heard about the World Trade Center plane crash.  In case you haven't heard about it yet, check the CNN if you have it down there.


     After a few minutes, got a reply from Inia:

-----Original Message-----
From: INIA ASUNCION [mailto:mavarinia@yahoo.com]
Sent: Tuesday, September 11, 2001 10:31 AM
To: Buzon, Valentino 
Subject: Re: World Trade Center

Dear Val,

Thanks for the info.  Actually, I just arrived from the Philippines and happened to turn on the TV to see
the news.

I'm a bit worried because one of my cousins is working at the World Trade Center and she normally comes to
the office at 8:30 am.  The first attacked happened at 8:45 am followed by the second attack at 9:15 am.

I tried to call all the numbers of my relatives in NJ and Atlanta but all the lines are busy.  I hope and
pray that nothing happened to my cousin.

I will send message to my friends and colleagues to contact my relatives to check on my cousin.

I am supposed to leave on Sept. 13 for NY (JFK) but with this event, I'm not sure when the U.S. will open
the airports.  Thank God I extended my stay in the Philippines because my original booking, I should be
arriving today in NY.  God is really Good!

I will keep you posted.

Best regards,

     About an hour after she sent me another update on her cousin with a good news.  Her cousin happened to be on vacation in Greece:

-----Original Message-----
From: INIA ASUNCION [mailto:mavarinia@yahoo.com]
Sent: Tuesday, September 11, 2001 11:18 AM
To: vbuzon@kpmg.ca
Subject: Re: Fwd: Julie M Hayo/WT/Seabury is out of the office.

Dear Val,

Thanks for your prayers.  I just got this message from my cousin.  I'm glad that she is out of the office.

Now I understand why God did not give a Canadian visa to my parents.  With all this horrible things
happening in the U.S., God has only protected us.

I enjoyed my short vacation in the Philippines.  I just wish I did not come back this soon if I had known
what will happen in the U.S.

Definitely, my trip will be delayed or postponed.

Take care,

> ------- Start of forwarded message -------
> Subject: Julie M Hayo/WT/Seabury is out of the
> office.
> To: Joy Mejias <jocelyn@mejias.com>
> From: julie.m.hayo@marshpm.com
> Date: Mon, 10 Sep 2001 08:42:52 -0500

> I will be out of the office from 09/03/2001 until
> 09/14/2001.

> Returning Sept. 17th.  I will have no access to e-mail and voice mail. 

> ------- End of forwarded message -------

     The following day, I called Riz Bautista to greet him a Happy Birthday.  He said he's home early that day to stay away from an officemate who mistaken him as a Mid-Eastern and has been harrasing him.  Other than that he seemed to be having a great birthday.

     I sent an email to all our New York/New Jersey batchmates but I know it was a crazy day for them and did not get a reply on that day: 

>From: "Buzon, Valentino " 
>To: "'Chris Jornales-Zoni'" , "'Chris Jornales'" , "'Lei Garrido'" , "'Victor Edrosolan'" , "'Romeo Kabigting'" , "Aurora Valderrama (E-mail)" , "Manolo Tuazon (E-mail)" , "Manny Pasco (E-mail)" , "Rudy Nacianceno (E-mail)" 
>CC: "'Fr. Erick Santos'" 
>Subject: FW: World Trade Center 
>Date: Tue, 11 Sep 2001 12:08:19 -0400 

>Hello everyone. 

>I pray and hope that all of you are safe and all your friends and relatives 
>down there are safe from the incident in WTC. We're watching it in the news 
>and I cannot believe what's happening down there. 

>Take care, 


The next day got a forwarded message from Tess Parado from Lorelie Garrido and an from Lei herself, too:

-----Original Message-----
From: Lorelie Garrido [mailto:loreliegarrido@netzero.net]
Sent: Thursday, September 13, 2001 10:21 AM
To: Felix Parado
Subject: Re: Just checking up on you if you are okay...

We are all fine here. I worked just in front of the WTC (Hudson river separating us) but we were evacuated right after the 2nd plane crashed on Tower 2.  Salamat sa concern. Talk to you soon.

-----Original Message-----
From: Lorelie Garrido [mailto:loreliegarrido@netzero.net]
Sent: Thursday, September 13, 2001 8:48 PM
To: Buzon, Valentino 
Subject: Re: Just checking up on you if you are okay...

Hi Val,
    I am okay and thanks sa concern. I worked right across the WTC(for American Express), the Hudson river separating the buildings.  The World Financial Center which is infront of the WTC(if you are on the Jersey side) is also an American Express Building.  About a year ago, we were transferred from the World financial Center to the new building here in Jersey City(buti na lang).  We had a front view of what was happening last Tuesday and it was horrible.  I couldn't help but cry when I saw the first Tower collapsed.  We still do not have work up to now.  The network is not up and the main server is in World financial center and they are thinking of mirroring the server to another place in Jersey.  So eto bakasyon. Sige, talk to you soon.


I got a quick response from Manny Pasco and there is no words on Romeo K yet.

-----Original Message-----
From: Manny Pasco [mailto:empasco@hotmail.com]
Sent: Wednesday, September 12, 2001 3:16 AM
To: vbuzon@kpmg.ca
Subject: Re: FW: World Trade Center

Sir Val,

Appreciate your concern about the worst situation , yes our prayers will help for the safety of those who are based there in NYC, I thank GOD cause our scheduled flight there is this month-end, surely it will be postponed. 

Im trying to call  Bhoyet since yesterday , but there was a network error. 


Manny Pasco

Finally two days after got a reply from Boyet who is still alive and kicking and funny as ever:

-----Original Message-----
From: romeo kabigting [mailto:pelikula@msn.com]
Sent: Thursday, September 13, 2001 7:46 PM
To: vbuzon@kpmg.ca
Subject: we're alive!!!

hey kuya,

   thanks for your concern.  buhay kami nila victoria at manny.  si vicky ay muntik nang madead.  his school is close to the wtc.  nakiusyoso ang bruho and before he knew it nagko-collapsed na ang towers.  nagpanic ang mga tao and everyone was running in different directions.  nadaganan ang beauty queen.  mabuti na lang oks lang siya.  member daw kasi siya ng destiny's child na kumanta ng "survivor".  nagmukha siyang espasol dahil naligo siya sa abo.  nag-uusap kami sa phone when it happened.  di nga niya alam.  ako lang ang nagsabi dahil nakita ko sa t.v.  sana nga maglalunch kami.  buti na lang maagang nangyari.  vic said he saw human flesh, hair, skin on the street and on top of cars.  he saw people jumping out of the towers too.
   despite all that, nakuha pa rin naming tumawa.  otherwise, maloloka rin lang naman kami di ba?  si manny nasa eroplano at that time and ready for take off na.  he was supposed to go to florida to pick up his mom from his sister.  ayun, pinababa rin silang lahat.  he decided  not to leave until oct daw.  natakot ang bruha sa mga hijackers.
   salamat nang marami uli sa inyong pag-aalala.  buhay ang mga virgins ng new york.  as for kristeta kubeta, andoon siya sa maynila noong july pa at di namin alam kung kelan ang balik.  lalo pa raw natakot ngayon dahil alam niyang maghihigpit sa port of entry.
   anyway, just when we thought na safe kami rito tapos ganito.  puwede ba lilipat na lang kami diyan at ampunin mo kami>?


Thank God that everyone in our group is safe and well. 


Tony, Diana, Patrick, Francis, Greg, Ysabel, Cris, Maristel, Tess and Fe
in the Gonzalez's residence

Life is happier and easier to handle with those friends around.....

We owe our newly-found friendship with the Gonzalezes to Val's creation of "KaEskwela, atbp."  The website not only assists us finding our long-lost friends, but helps us making new ones as well.  It is my intent to share my experience with you, so you may feel encourage to share your own.  Please read on... 

To be honest, I was dying to be friends with Diana (formerly Lansangan) Gonzalez when we were still in high school.  I got intimidated though because she looked so serious and she was known to be so smart. Anyway, we started seeing each other when Ching Cabildo visited L.A.  Since then, Diana and I manage to keep in touch via telephone.  In July, we invited her to our home to help us celebrate my twin daughters' birthday.  We did have a wonderful time together with our respective families.  The fun didn't end there.  Just recently, we got to visit Diana's place in Riverside.  Actually, we took our kids to an amusement park which is very close to their house. When Diana knew about our plan, she suggested/invited us for dinner.    All my children were so eager to play and spend time with her kids, Ysabel and Greg.  As always, they do get along well and feel connected.  We were treated with warmth and kindness by Diana's husband, Tony, whose good sense of humor had made our stay a lot enjoyable and comfortable.  Tony had given us free counseling... some important pointers on how to deal with relationships.  Hats off to Diana on all her efforts with the food preparation.  I could imagine how much time she had to spend in the kitchen cooking all those stuff.  After our four-hour stay with the Gonzalezes, we headed home with smiles on our faces...looking forward to meeting them again soon.

Our batch would love to hear from you.  We would appreciate any contribution/input you might have.  You can tell us about your family, career, circle of friends, your good old days, etc.  Remember, the website is ours...it's about us. 

Take care and God bless.

Tess Santiago-Parado

Diana, Patrick, Francis, Greg, Ysabel, Cris, Maristel, Tess, Fe and Lex


Newly-Found Buddy

Fernand and his beautiful wife, Rose

- Fernando Celis -

-----Original Message-----
From: Fernando Celis [mailto:fernand_25@yahoo.com]
Sent: Saturday, September 22, 2001 12:06 PM
To: Valentino Buzon
Subject: glad to get in touch

Dear Val,

      I was really surprised to get a letter from you and sino ba naman ang makakalimot sa kaklase sa Lakan-Dula Elem. School.   Do you still remember that song Vincent of Don MacClean, do one you used to play on the guitar while we sing with our classmates from grade VI-I. Though we were not classmates in high school anymore it  did not really matter because we were close then under troop 85 as well as having the same circle of friends.  Val,honestly may halong lungkot ako pag na rereminisce  ko ang high-school days lalo na pag tinitignan ko and 1978 year book natin.  How time flies but sabi nga ng close friend ko, we have to move and on. 
     Incidentally, Philip Mangay &#8211; my cousin who was instrumental in finding your class 78 infos (Fr. Eric Santos actually did also tell me about our web page) unfortunately met an accident in Iran while under duty. The Nissan Patrol they were riding fell into the ravine and Philip suffered two fractured bones on  the left portion of his leg within his hips to the knee.  By Gods grace nakaligtas siya at nagpapagaling sa Mla. Doctors Hospital as of date.  Dinalaw ko siya kanina (Sept.22) at napagkwentuhan ka naming ng matagal pati na lahat ng kilala naming from class 78.   I wish that our grand 25th  year reunion becomes a success with all of you people at hand and we will try our best to support, get in touch with the others still in the wanted  list.  Hoping to talk with you and God willing sana magkita kita tayo!
     Tell me later about yourself and your family and I will to the same para  ma  sali sa 78 web page natin.

                                                                       God Bless you and more power!!!!!!

                                                                           Fernand Celis   ( THS Class 78 )

 The Celis Family- Fernand with Jonel Carlo, Raichel Ann and Rose

-----Original Message-----
From: fernando celis [mailto:fernand_25@yahoo.com]
Sent: Monday, October 01, 2001 7:59 AM
To: Buzon, Valentino 
Subject: Re: October Issue of KaEskwela, atbp


Hi there.  I wonder why it really excites me a lot everytime i get to receive messages from dear classmates abroad.  I did not expect to receive a mailer from Ernesto Mercado also a buddy way back in elementary and  high school.  I have informed him of our forthcoming reunion and still waiting for his reply regarding infos of other batchmates hiding somewhere there in the states so I could relay them to you for your calling. 

Are you really comin' home in our reunion?  Sana nga magkitakita tayo lahat ng Torresians Class 78.  By that time there shall be no more Special Science Class, nor E1,E2.. Sc1,S2,...M1,M2... but one whole big class 78 - brothers and sisters.  Do not hesistate to tell me if there are things I could do to help in searching and getting in touch with lost batchmates. I will be more than glad to do so hanggat may oras pa.

By the way, I am sending you photos of my wife and kids. I got blessed to be married to Rose a school mate of mine in PUP and we have two children namely Raichel Ann who is now 15 years old and a third year high school student of UST and Jonel Carlo who is now 11 years old and Gr. V studying at Bethel Knox School. That family picture was taken sometime in February this year in one of our out-of-town sorties.  The other one is my wife (syempre naman no?) and I at home. Ganda ng asawa ko no?  Di naman sa pagmamayabang puro naman tayo guwapo sa batch di ba?  And Im also thankful for having two wonderful, nice and handsome kids.  I do still have a copy of our class 78 souvenir program and soon I'll have to see them again  to recall familiar names constantly being updated in our
78 website.  Philip will soon get in touch with you once he's ready with his phone line.  Nakauwi na sya from hospital confinement and he is sending his thanks for your concern and prayers.  I have to park for a while and get in touch with you soon as new updates come.  God Bless You and Your Family.

your buddy -  FERNAND/78


This message has been sent to you through Alumni.NET. 


Newly-Found Buddy

- Edwin Tuazon -

I received an email from Edwin with these messages, "I was able to learn about this KaEskuwela thru R. Nieva, my classmate at PLM. It is suprising that you guys, where able to contact some of our batchmates. You know me, I am Ed Tuazon during the Lakan-dula days."

I am glad to get in touch with another Lakan-Dula/Torres High bud.  Thanks to Ronnie for the lead.  I managed to get some info from Edwin who has this to say about himself........"During high school days, as Victor E. told in his E-mail as unassuming person which is the opposite at present."

He got married, three days before Christmas in 1995 to Ena and they have a 3 years old daughter,  Early Micah.  Currently, they reside in  New Antipolo Street in Tondo.  He graduated in Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila as an electrical engineer which he currently practice in his business.. 

He asked for addresses of friends in the USA like Joseph Po.  He used to stay in Virginia every summer to visit his mom and sisters.

Don't hesistate to contact him at edwintuazon@captech.com.ph


(Forwarded by Nelson)
Read this message and correct (y)our self. It will be a pleasure to have you in this world.

YOU say that our government is inefficient. YOU say that our laws are too old. YOU say that the our local government does not pick up the garbage and does not manage well the cleanliness of the land. YOU say that the phones don't work, the traffic are a joke, mails never reach their destination. YOU say that our country has been fed to the dogs and is the absolute pits. YOU say, say and say.

What do YOU do about it?

Take a person on his way to Singapore. Give him a name - YOURS. Give him a face - YOURS. YOU walk out of the airport and you are at your International best.  In Singapore YOU don't throw cigarette butts on the roads or eat in the stores. YOU are as proud of their Underground Links as they are. YOU pay $5 (appr! ox. Pesos 60) to drive through Orchard Road (Equiv. to EDSA ) between 5 PM and 8 PM. YOU comeback to the parking lot to punch your parking ticket if you have over stayed in a restaurant or a shopping mall irrespective of your status/identity. In Singapore you don't say anything, DO YOU?  YOU wouldn't
dare to eat in public during Ramadan, in Dubai.  YOU would not dare to go out without your head covered in Jeddah.  YOU would not dare to buy an employee of the telephone exchange in London at 10 pounds (Pesos 650) a month to, "see to it that my STD and ISD calls are billed to "someone else."  YOU would not dare to speed beyond 55 mph (88 kmph) in Washington and then tell the traffic cop, "Alam mo kung sino ako ? (Do you know who I am?). I am so and so's son. Take your two bucks and get lost."  Why don't YOU spit and throw your cigarette butts on the streets of Tokyo?  Why don't YOU use buy fake certificates in Boston like you do in Recto?  We are still talking of the same YOU.

YOU who can respect and conform to a foreign system in other countries but cannot in your own.  YOU who will throw papers and cigarettes on the road the moment you touch Philippine ground.  If YOU can be an involved and appreciative citizen in an alien country why cannot you be the same in the Philippines.

Once in an interview, the famous Subic administrator, Gordon had a point to make. "Rich people's dogs are walked on the streets to leave their affluent droppings all over the place," he said. "And then the same people turn around to criticize and blame the authorities for inefficiency and dirty pavements. What do they expect the officers to do!?  Go down with a broom everytime the dog feels the pressure in his  bowels? In America every dog owner has to clean up after his pet has done the job. Same in Japan. Will the Filipino citizen do that here?" He's right. 

We go to the polls to choose a government and after that forfeit all responsibility. We sit back wanting to be pampered and expect the government to do everything for us whilst our contribution is totally negative.  We expect the government to clean up but we are not going to stop chucking garbage all over the place nor are we going to stoop to pick up a stray piece of paper and throw it in the bin. When it comes to burning social issues like those related to extra marital relationship, unwed mothers, pre-marital sex and others, we make loud drawing room protestations and continue to do the reverse at home.

The moment we feel lonely outside the philippines we seek pleasure to others, commonly to fellow Filipinos WITHOUT minding the commitment we made back home to our true family.  Then we blame the government for juvenile VIOLENCE, drug addiction, etc. but we started it ourselves by neglecting the need of our sons and daugthers of real paternal guidance and responsibility.

Our excuse? "It's the whole system which has to change, how will it matter if I alone forego my sons' rights to a dowry." So who's going to change the system?  What does a system consist of? Very conveniently for us it consists of our neighbors, other households, other cities, other communities and the government. But definitely not me and YOU.  When it comes to us actually making a positive contribution to the system we lock ourselves along with our families into a safe cocoon and look into the distance at countries far away and wait for a Mr.Clean to come along & work miracles for us with a majestic sweep of his hand. Or we leave the country and run away. Like lazy cowards hounded by our fears we run to America to bask in their glory and praise their system. When New York becomes insecure we run to Japan or HONGKONG. When HongKong experiences unemployment, we take the next flight out to the Middle East. When the Gulf is war struck, we demand to be rescued and brought home by the Philippine government. Everybody is out to abuse and rape the country. Nobody thinks of feeding the system. Our conscience is mortgaged to money.

Dear fellow Filipinos, The article is highly thought-inductive, calls for a Great deal of introspection and pricks one's conscience too.... I am echoing J.F.Kennedy's words to his fellow Americans to relate to us Filipinos...


I say to myself, that my forthcoming vacation this september....at least, for the time being  I can be A SINGAPOREAN , AN EMIRATI, A SAUDIAN, an AMERICAN citizen in the Philippines.

Lets do what the Philippines needs from us.


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