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If you are interested in finding out the truth about some of this country's most puzzling crimes, mysteries and events, then you will not be disappointed.  You are invited to find out what really happened, who's telling the truth, who did it and why.

The purpose of this site is to provide the general public an opportunity to have the same information and clues which were FREELY offered to authorities who refused to act on them. Thus these cases, mysteries and events remain officially unsolved. All information on the site falls within legal boundaries with a desire to see truth and justice prevail.

Unsolvable indicates that normally accepted methods of  investigation utilized did not produce an answer or the truth.  When this happens, it is time to recognize that other than normally accepted investigative methods and tools must be used. 

Within the last decade, two very fine investigative tools have emerged that if used by a thoroughly trained and conscientious analyst can produce accurate information and clues.  These two tools are
graphology (handwriting analysis), allowed in some courts under expert witnesses, and speech reversals analysis used to provide investigative clues.  When these two tools are used together on an investigation, they provide highly accurate and truthful information. It will most probably take another 10 years before their merit and usefulness are publically accepted.  Until then, there will be many more unsolved cases and innocent people convicted in our judicial system.  My investigations make use of these tools plus objective sleuthing and analysis.

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Bachelor of Arts, Graphologist, Speech Reversal Analyst, Teacher, and unrelenting investigator.  I am called "Roberta" by my friends.
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