<BGSOUND SRC="http://www.oocities.com/rideaguzzi/C_frogs.wav" LOOP=INFINITE>
9 Pm
3:45 Am
5 Am
5:15 Am
5:45  Am
No time like the night time.....
The end of the day was highlighted in pinks, the beginning in blues.
That sound is Caney's night seranade in the  background. Frogs, etc., and a human or two still up and joining in.
The night smells, the night noises, the night mysteries, are not to be missed. Stay up late, get up early before dawn and take a nap after lunch when the sun is high and the fish deep. They're smarter than you think.
One of those accidental photographic successes.
   Ok, I couldn't sleep. Like I have said on another page, anticipation is my ruin. Now you can see   what gets me off my tail. Louisiana rocket fuel, known as Community Club, Dark Roast.
Frogs are the greatest. Better hope you keep hearing them because they are a barometer of how well the environment is doing. If they croak we won't. A motto?
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East Louisiana Night Pictures
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