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If you wish to put a rating on your stories, then we have two of them.
The Carl-o-meter - As Devised by Linda
A rating system for Slash Fic
G - You may read this, Carl, with both eyes open
PG - Left eye closed, right eye squinting
PG 13 - Right eye closed, left eye squinting
R - You may read this, Carl, but you must keep both eyes tightly closed.
NC 17 - Both eyes closed, hands over ears while singing 'LaLaLaLaLa' very loudly
X - Carl you must never open one of these posts. If you do you must read it in the same manner as NC-17 but in a completely different room as the one that contains the fic.
and the other:
G - You'd let a baby read this
PG - Any language you heard in your playground at school is admissable... Sex can be hinted at but not described. Violence may happen but not be explicitly described
R - Any language you like (yeah I know for most of you this is the same as above... well it is for me at least) Sex can be described up to a certain point... foreplay but not the act itself... Violence can be described but if you're going into extreme details then rate it NC 17.
NC 17 - As far as RF is concerned anything goes... Violence, sex, the full works... in fact anyone interested in reading a NC 17 story should expects it...
You are under no obligation to rate your stories.

Visit the The Cast of Ride Forever. [Explanation based on an e-mail from Kali]" A long time ago in a different incarnation of this list some crazy folks decided to make themselves background characters for the Dueniverse. No Mary Sues allowed. No one who rode along with Ben and the Ray of your choice. No wild stretches of the imagination (the character had to be based in your factual life, more or less). Just people in the neighborhood or at the police station who interacted with the folks at due South in some way or another." Drop by and have a look. If you too would like to become a member of the Cast of Ride Forever, get your character info gathered and send it to your local Web Dabbler WolfWalker

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