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Current Events

The city will be hosting trade negotiations between the Moonshae Isles and Mithral Hall. The dwarves of Mithral Hall will be arriving in the City of Splendors in two days and the Royal Entorage will be arriving at Peirgerion's palace a day later.

What has taken the city by surprise though is the number of murders and assassinations that have happened in the last fortnight. The city watch has very little in the way of evidence as to who the real culprits are.

Last week, the Raventrees celebrated their daughter's 20th birthday. It was an allstar gala event that had the toast of Waterdeep all in one place.

Mythmaran, a prominent mage of Waterdeep, has left. His manor is now in the care of Mordecai Moonstar.

The Dwarves of Mithral Hall will be staying at the Calagore Villa. The Calagores have put in place a fully Dwarven company to help guard their guests. Heading up the company is Garth Darkenmead, a trained mercenary from House Husteem.

The other day, three men were found dead in an alleyway with burns. It is thought that these men were the assassins who have been wreaking havoc in the North and Sea Ward. However, the devious actions have only increased since the discovery of the bodies by the city watch.

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