The Publications of the Antiochian Catholic Church in America (ACCA)

Shlama Amkhon! Peace to All!

     These pages are primarily dedicated to the dissemination of our Saint Thomas Prayerbook. The prayerbook previously at this URL was that published in 1998 for trial use in our parishes. The excerpts now presented here are from the final draft.
     Listed below the Prayerbook services are Communion Hymns based on the readings from the Odes of Solomon given in the ACCA Hudra (Lectionary).
     Lastly, there have been added some essays on spiritual subjects written by the clergy of our jurisdiction.
     All of these materials are copyright, by the Antiochian Catholic Church in America. Permission for the use in churches of the Services and Hymns may be obtained from MAR MICHAEL, Mitran of the ACCA. While no money is charged for the use of the Services, acknowledgment must be given in print to this source. Any questions regarding the site or the texts, other than permission for use should be directed to me, Avva Andreas.
     The Reader's patience during the length of this project has been appreciated, and the Editor prays that this final edition will meet with both the same general approbation and proof of serviceability, not only to the ACCA but also to the larger American Oriental Orthodox community, that its predecessor enjoyed.
     Of your kindness please pray for the servant of God, Avva Andreas, the editor of this site.

From the Saint Thomas Prayerbook

The Qurbana, or Sacrifice of the Eucharist

The Liturgy of the Pre Sanctified Gifts

Daily Prayer