"It's like the Backstreet Project... only on crystal meth."
Come in and be amazed by the crazy kitty and her friend, the well, psycho bitch.
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Welcome to RINIBEAN! There's been only one update so far in this new year- PB- take it away!

That's right. So far, in 2002, we've added ALL of Stand By Me to the fanfiction page.
And don't forget- Blue's made some dolls. It's a scary thing.

Yeah Doll, she even made one of me in fighter mode. Click on the gym's link to see Kaos.

*burns Nick with cigarette* I'm actually upset that no one has made a doll of moi yet. How hard can it be to make a blond haired blue eyed doll! *pouts*

It can't be that hard if Blue made one of Nick.... I wonder why she didn't make one of you Mateo.

*screams* Guys, you didn't have to edit and upload Stand By Me! That thing was like running a marathon... I'll do it once, just for the experience, but man... I'm not uploading or editing anything that big ever again.
But I'll work on making you a doll Mattie. I promise. *crosses fingers*

Happy New Year! *passes out champagne*

Dude, Takado, that was like a horribly delayed reaction....
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Psycho Bitch
Thanks to Pan  from the Bishie Trainers ML for drawing this pic of Blue!
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The Human Torch's Flaming Quote of the Month:

I'm sure your fanclub would love to see you like this.... Reed didn't say nothin' about needin' ya sober...

Fantastic Four #48 (vol. 3) Ben on finding alternate Johnny #2... drunk off his ass in a NY penthouse. (OK... Johnny didn't say more than like 3 lines in the book that were more substantial than "yeah.")
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Nani? Carter, you are the weirdest person I've ever met.... and I knew Daisuke.

How can you compare me to that freak! I'm not any worse than he is!

*flicks cigarette* Just trust me on this one Carter.

Yeah Nick... you need to go get your GED man *drinks from thermos*

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