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You want a fast, stable network connection. You want complete reliability. You want responsive technical staff always on call for you. You want flexibility, and you want it for great price.

AirComm LLC has the services you need.

AirComm is a new wireless Internet Service Provider in Tampa Bay Florida

We can provide "immediate" broadband wireless connections to the Internet, or any existing data network, at a value significantly less than other conventional broadband alternatives.

You have just found the most innovative provider of wireless networks, corporate Intranet, wireless networking and wireless Internet Solutions in the Tampa Bay Area. We provide extended range Wireless LAN, wireless Internet and Wireless Networking solutions.  Offering comprehensive broadband based services for Internet, wireless networking and  corporate Internet and Intranet solutions in the Tampa Bay Are, we are your one stop solution for applications including:

High-speed broadband Internet or network services for public or private LANs  
Point-to-point wireless Data Transfer
Peer-to-Peer Wireless Networking
Building-to-Building broadband wireless connectivity (Main office to Branch Office)
Wireless and mobile E-mail Access

Due to our wireless infrastructure there is no need to dig trenches, lay new fiber or even be located near a telco's central office, AirComm's Wireless Broadband solution can be rolled out easily and typically in a shorter amount of time than traditional wire-line alternatives.

With the ability of delivering data packets at speeds up to 2 Mbps, AirComm broadband solutions is able to support a variety of integrated applications requiring high bandwidth like voice, video conferencing, and "High-Speed" Internet access.

In most cases, additional bandwidth can be supplied immediately without added investment or interruption of service.

AirComm provides seamless scalable upgrades with speeds ranging from 128 kbps to 11 Mbps empowering us to meet each individual clients needs.

AirComm offers flexible and economical "fiber quality" wireless solutions geared towards providing a dramatic increase in the amount of bandwidth available to our clients destroying the "last mile" quagmire that exists today.

Here at AirComm we feel that our service offerings are of better quality than Digital Subscriber Lines (DSL), cable, T1 and other standard wire-line alternatives.

At AirComm we have what it takes to design host and support your site. Our state of the art Pentium III/IV servers can run your website at lightning speed.

We have support that you can always turn to, our support staff is always here for you.  We guarantee 100% customer satisfaction! Just give us a call or email us 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We have the answers and help you are looking for.

For more information about our service please email us at or call RMS Computers at 727-943-9627

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