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Info for Non-Medical People  

Free or Reduced Drug Programs

TOC for MediFocus Informational Packets, once you have found the information you want, click the logo below to go to their site.     

K.I.S.S. Instructional Productions™

Legal Nurse Consulting Program

Mad Scientist Software Pt Simulators, 

ACLS  & other Emergency Programs!!!!!!!!

Medical Reference, Programs & other Health Care Provider Equipment

Drug Info or Drug Search

See Natural Supplement page for a great article on "natural" vs. "synthetic" Medication

Health Care Links

Info for Nurses

Info for EMS Providers

EMS WaistPack's Links Links

Vet Assistance Program

Legal Assist Program

Credit Assist Program

Social  Security Assist Program

For Counseling Services & Assistance, See the or Links listed above. Counseling & Assistance is provided in the areas of: 






 Professional or Career 

Veteran or Active Duty

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 NAC-4U, Inc.™


{First, do no harm!}


  I offer multiple services and "Expert" assistance in Health, Diseases, Medicine, Legal, Counseling, Business and other various fields. I can answer your questions or concerns plus provide some more in-depth information on the subject, which may include causes and home treatments / advice for medical problems, simple forms, assistance and advice in legal matters. Medical, Educational, Career, Veterans Issue's and  other forms of Counseling are also available to fulfill your needs.  


It is best to read the questionnaire prior to contacting NAC-4U, Inc.  this will provide you the questions, if answered, that will let you provide quality input to receive the best assistance from NAC-4U, Inc.™!


  This Site is designed to be viewed by Medical Professionals and Non-Medical People as well.  It is therefore written in simple, non-medical terminology.  Where you do find medical  or other technical words, we will strive to give an explanation if it does not interfere with the copyrights of material used.  We in the medical field can not continue to hide behind words and intimidated our Patients, their families or friends through Medical or Legalize.  




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 This Site Is Providing Informational Packets for Purchase Explaining All Aspects of the Disease Process.  By visiting the TOC for MediFocus© you will find a brief explanation.  If you need further Information, Click the MediFocus© banner located in the left hand border.



Special: Info for  2000 Taxes


Areas of Expertise 


Nursing & Nursing Education


Counseling; Addiction, Grief, Personal & Family 


Professional & Career Guidance


Basic Legal Assistance


Education; Information, Counseling & Assistance 


Legal Nurse Consultant Services for Attorneys' and Insurance Companies for  Reviews & Assistance.


Business; Assistance with Set-up, Funding, Accounting, & Other Areas 


Credit Assistance & Recovery


Veteran- Military Links & Assistance


Other Items Contained Within This Web Site


EMS Professional Resource Page!  


Medical Reference Material you can order!


My Salute to POW/MIA's!


Web Master Information!  This a great resource for anyone thinking about starting an internet site.  This site offers amazing free offers and products for your use in promotion, whether a personal page or commercial, such as: 


Advanced Course On Persuasive Writing

Monthly Ad Tracking Service
1,001 Killer Internet Marketing Tactics
Swiss Army App for Webmasters

Ground Breaking Marketing Course by Jay Conrad Levinson

Interactive multimedia course that teaches copywriting.

Affiliate Assistant

And many others, even if you don't use the internet, these article and products (Almost all are FREE) will help you sell everything from Tupperware to Amway!


Free Items, Medical Supplies, Diet, Supplements, Vitamins, & other Medical, Legal, Business or Veteran Oriented Subjects.  Also there are links to games, some for free others to Gamble To You Won (Gamble2U1).


   Click on the link for the appropriate area to  visit theses areas where you'll find further information on services rendered.  If you need further assistance, you will find the information or the specifics needed to be included in your Requests and Questions. 


                           Thanks, for letting me help you.

          James L. Barlitt, RN, LNC, NREMT-P, CRT

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 This is a commercial website!   I encourage you to educate yourself and your peers, and if I may helped in any way by providing this information, then I did what I wanted to do. Help!


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What Questions to ask BEFORE Surgery

NOTE:  As a RN, I offer advice, guidance, resources, and support.  No one should try to diagnose via the Internet.  Your doctor knows your physical exam, medical history, allergies, labs, etc. and should not be substituted by an online "Expert".   If you develop any worsening of your problem, seek immediate attention by contacting your doctor or visiting your local Emergency Room. Do not attempt to change medication or start self-treatment without first consulting your  doctor, as You may cause serious harm to yourself.  With this said, nothing on this site constitutes, implied or otherwise, a practice of medicine or law by  NAC-4U, Inc..        

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