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Edmonton, AB - According to medical research, stress is the major underlying cause of 70% of the illnesses and diseases afflicting modern society.  And it is going to get worse as in today's workingplace, it is getting more and more fast paced and moving towards a 24/7 (i.e. 24 hours/7 days a week) world.  It is no wonder that stress is the main complaint that 70% of employees cite as their reason for visiting their doctor.

What are the effects of Stress?

Stress causes the production of the stress hormone cortisol which, in large quantities, is bad for the heart and increases blood pressure and hypertension.  Some of the symptoms reported include headaches, dizziness, hyper-ventilating, insomnia, tension, bodily aches and pains.  So if you are experiencing prolonged or acute chronic stress, it is killing you.


It is a well known fact that when the body relaxes, tension and stress is reduced and your health improves.  In the past, people would take an aspirin or some drug to counteract stress.  But today, more and more people are turning to natural, alternative therapies to manage their stress.  Alternative therapies such as meditation, yoga, tai chi, reflexology, massage and energy healing methods such as Reiki and Quantum Touch. If you suffer from stress and is looking for someone in the city to help, there seems to be so many therapies offered that one is at a loss as to how to go about choosing a safe and time-tested alternative therapy to try out.

Massage and other alternative therapies:

Massage, in various forms, is an ancient art that has been proven the world over, to reduce stress and promote relaxation.  As well, reflexology is a 2300 year-old art that is known to promote relaxation and stress-reduction.  These alternative methods are a sure and safe bet to go with if you are looking to try out a drug-free method of stress reduction. Reiki is a form of energy healing that is safe and has been found to be promote relaxation.

Right here in Edmonton

In Edmonton, James Ang offers these safe and beneficial alternative therapies as well as hypnotherapy for stress reduction and relaxation. He is a registered Massage Therapist, certified Reflexologist, G-Jo Acupressure Master, Reiki Master, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and Quantum Touch Practitioner.  He combines all the modalites that he has learned to offer his clients a customised treatment conveyed in the form of massage, reflexology and energy healing & hypnotherapy sessions.

He also offers Smoking Cessation, Weight loss, Stress Reduction programs through R N R Healing Massage & Services .  Booking is by appointments only so call (780) 904 1989 to book yours today. P.S. Please print this page and get a FREE 5 minute Health Analysis appointment with James Ang today.

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James Ang (MSc.-Merit-{Occupational Psychology}), B.B.A., C.Ht., R.M.T.)
James is a Registered Massage Therapist (Relaxation/chair massage), Clinical Hypnotherapist, Reflexologist, Reiki Master/Teacher, G-Jo Acupressure Master, Quantum Touch Practitioner, Energy Healer, ; Ama Deus Shaman

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