Updated May 6, 2001
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The Libertarian Party platform states that the party is against compulsory medications. Therefore, New Hampshire Libertarians have decided to join forces with those people that are against compulsory vaccinations.

More and More people are becoming aware of the negative effects of vaccinations thanks to the Internet with a couple hundred because of this web site alone, and such leaders in providing this information as those in the links section.

On this site is a petition asking the New Hampshire state legislature to change the law and allow a philosophical objection to vaccines. The petition will be submitted to the state legislature on a yet undetermined date. You do not have to be a Libertarian to sign our petition.

Also on this site are the comments of past petition signers, a consent form to allow those with access to this web site the opportunity to sign the petition for those less fortunate, and an ever-increasing directory of vaccination-related links.


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