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Memorial to September 11th, 2001

My Info:

Name:     Renee Zamora (link to my website)

Email:     zamora05@hotmail.com
My Dearest Husband:

I love you. Your the light of my life.  I am so glad I found you and your mine for the eternities.  When I saw you from across that dance floor, I felt, there is a safe person!  I had that lieutenant chasing me and I wanted nothing to do with him.  I decided to stand next to you, a safe man, I thought you were a chaperone.  When the other man found me next to you, he asked me to dance, you became my hero when you said: "No, she said she will dance with me."  You swept me off my feet and I fell in love with you forever.
Life has not been easy for us but our love for each other has always been there.  I would not be the person I am today without having gone through life with you by my side.

Love Renee

William is very talented in many areas.  When we were engaged I tried to show my embroidery talent to him, then he showed me his; an eagle, by his own design, made with silver thread.  He's skills are superior. He loves anything to do with history, especially WWII.  He builds remote control airplanes and loves to fly the real ones.  He is a pack-rat and saves everything.  We had to build a shed to hold all his interests. I personally love his woodcarvings.  He has beautiful penmanship and does calligraphy. Bill's very personable - everyone seems to know him, especially at Smith's.  He draws and paints - one illustration is on the cover of my father's book, "Moses of the Barkeaters."  He's won contests and awards for his drawings and illustrations.  Not all of Bill's talent are with the arts.  He picks up languages very easy.  He's always listening to some type of language tape.  I'll never forget when he surprised me talking to a lady in Japanese, she told me he was very good.  Bill's also a great salesman, he can talk people into anything.
He plays the bagpipes and has written words to music.  He a tailor, he does all the sewing in our family.  He's made uniforms, hats, and Scotish sporrans. His talents are endless, he's very blessed.  He takes beautiful photographs, many people have benefited from this skill.  The examples of his artwork is done by his own camera.

Coming soon - links to Bill's artwork.

Moses of the Barkeaters, illustration (color)

Moses of the Barkeaters, illustration (B&W)

Moses of the Barkeaters, Book