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This site is dedicated in the memory of my father-in-law Vito Joseph Zamora.

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Vito & Lucienne Zamora are our immigrant ancestors.  Vito came from Poland and Lucienne came from France. Their children are first generation Americans.

Vito and Lucienne Zamora Family

Vito Joseph Zamora (Witold Zamaro)
was born on 13 Aug. 1926 in Vilna, Poland. His father, Joseph Zamaro, Sr. and his mother, Josepha Ogillbowna were born in Poland.  Family legend has it that the Zamaro family came from Spain. Vito was at least the 5th generation of Zamaro's in Poland.

Vito married
Lucienne and they had three children.  Vito died of liver/colon cancer on 21 July 1993 at the Lowell General Hospital in Lowell, Middlesex Co., MA.  He was buried at St. Mary's Cemetery in Tewksbury, Middlesex Co., MA.  They were the proud parents and grandparents of:

William J. Zamora, he married Renee M. Harris, they have three children:

Philip J. Zamora
Marie C. Zamora
W. Garrett Zamora

Living child
Living child

Vito & Lucienne Zamora,

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