Certified IELTS (International English Language Testing System) Examiner, Resource Person on RSA COTE, Senior Instructor of ESP and ESL. Designed, revised and taught ESP and ESL courses at tertiary and baccalaureate level. Designed tests and curricula. Coordinated courses and academic programmes including pre-session programmes.
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Courses taught                       
Colloquy on Integrated Learning Course – English Composition
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Colloquy on Integrated Learning Course – Independent Study
General English                                
Study Skills                                
Intensive English Course for MEd                  
Self-directed Learning                   
Functional Grammar                           
Academic Presentation Skills
Expository Writing                       
Reading Comprehension for Nurses               
Process Writing                       
Listening for specific purposes                           
Writing Course, Modules 1-5
Advanced Writing Skills Course
Interviewing Skills

Courses revised
Self-directed Learning
Functional Grammar
Communication Skills

Curricula developed and revised
English for Nursing Science, Diploma Programme, Year I, II & III
English for Nursing Science, Generic BScN Programme, Year I & II
Supplementary English, BScN Programme
English for the Track-1 Programme

Courses developed
Intensive English

Interviewing skills
Communication skills   
New Trends in ELT
Advanced Writing Skills Course
Reading Comprehension

Learning projects initiated at CEL
Learner initiated dictionaries (concept paper published in The Internet TESL Journal)
Experiential learning through a project-orientated approach -
Student created class web pages
Process writing
Portfolio development and assessment
Use of Internet and e-mail to teach writing
Comprehensive Student Evaluation Report
Project-based learning
Learner centered testing (View tests here - Speaking, Writing, Reading)