Samuel Lucas McMillan
2002-03 Rotary Ambassadorial Scholar
Department of Political Science
University of South Carolina - Columbia, South Carolina

Lucas McMillan is a native of Mullins, South Carolina, USA now studying for the Ph.D. in Political Science in the Department of Political Science at the University of South Carolina in Columbia, South Carolina.

I served as a 2002-03 Rotary Foundation Ambassadorial Scholar representing the Rotary Club of Mullins and Rotary District 7770 of South Carolina. I was hosted by the Rotary Club of Coventry Phoenix and Rotary District 1060 of the English midlands in the United Kingdom.

Read my article to answer the question, "What is Rotary?"

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Coventry Phoenix Rotary Club President Geoff Lockett, Lucas McMillan and Erylis Lockett
Here I am pictured with Coventry Phoenix Rotary Club President 
Dr. Geoff Lockett and his wife.   Erylis Lockett is a member and past president of Coventry Phoenix Innerwheel Club. 

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The flags on this page represent those countries I have visited.  Please note that I have included the individual flags of England and Scotland along with the Union flag of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

I seek to increase our understanding of cooperation, in the belief that increased understanding can help to improve political amity and economic welfare, though not with the nave supposition that knowledge necessarily increases either amity or welfare.
---Professor Robert O. Keohane in After Hegemony (1984)
Dr. Keohane is James B. Duke Professor of Political Science at Duke University in Durham, NC.

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