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Recipe by:  Yoko Sasaki from Seattle, Washington. 
Butajiru is a traditional Japanese miso stew made up of red bean paste and various kinds of vegetables.  This dish is very easy to make and is a perfect healthy dish for vegetarians. 

1 Daikon (raddish)
1 Carrots
.5 lb Pork
1batch of scallion
.5 cup of miso (red bean paste)
3 tbl sp of mirin (soy vinegar)
3 tbl sp of soy sauce
2 cups of water mixed with soup base (dashinomoto)

1.  Cut the carrots and daikon in triangle shaped squares like the way you prepare for beef stews. 
2.  In a large saucer, saute the daikon, carrots, and pork until it is lightly brown using salad oil.  . 
3.  Mix hot water with soup base dashinomoto and pour it in the saucer and bringit to bowl until the ingredients are soft.  . 
4.  Use a spoon to blend the miso paste with the soup and stir until the soup become light brown.
5.  Mix mirin and soy sauce with the soup and boil. 
6.  Before serving, put a slice of scallion over the soup. 
7.  Ready to be served!!    
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