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After Miller (Hanks) and his 7 men engage a bunker instead of going around it, they realize they lost a man. That brings them down to Miller and 6 men. Yet, when they're next filmed walking across the field (after the bunker battle where they lost Wade), there are still 8 men walking across the field. The next shot, a close-up, brings us correctly back to Miller and 6 men.

After the beach is taken and Miller (Hanks) is given his next assignment he goes to recruit Hopum. After Miller tells Hopum to grab his gear Hopum very nervously picks up his typewriter, so nervous in fact that he knocks everything off the shelf including the helmets. A moment later Miller (Hanks) holds up a pencil to let Hopum know he doesn't need the typewriter.
Hopum turns around, puts down the typewriter and grabs the german helmet... which is magicaly back on the shelf. Both helmets apparently jumped off the ground! HanksFan

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American Military Cemetery, Normandy, France (Present Day)
On Omaha Beach, Normandy, June 6, 1944 -- 0630 Hours
At the Farm House
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