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Winner of the "Words From Here" Screenplay Competition!
When two College Frat Boys and their Girlfriends take Grandma Lucy with them to the Spring Break Beach Party in Baja Mexico, and then she dies (or at least they think so), the fun starts. Not quite “Dumb and Dumber” meets “Weekend at Bernie’s,” but you get the idea.  The 94 page original script is in PDF* format. Read "SKIP AND GO NAKED" now using your Adobe Acrobat Reader. This script is available for option or sale.
Read the Unauthorized Sequel to

The daughter of Buttercup and Westley tries to save the true love of her dreams with the help of the famed swordsman Inigo Montoya. Based on the unauthorized book by S. Morganstern's son. A farce. (OK, so a few of the same characters are brought back.) A rolic that received "very good" and "highly commercial" coverage by an agency reader who had nothing better to do one night. Read it and then write to Rob Reiner and New Castle Entertainment and tell them you found the sequel they've been waiting for. The 105 page script is in PDF* format. Read "THE RETURN OF INIGO MONTOYA" now using your Adobe Acrobat Reader. Anybody want a Peanut?

Remember Your First Kiss?
A screenplay for a short film. The day in the life of a young teenager and his first real kiss. Intense. Passionate.[Very low budget.] The 8 page script is in PDF* format. Read "FIRST KISS" now using your Adobe Acrobat Reader. Available for option or sale.

Would you take the Plea Bargain?
When a deranged young man's abusive stepmother is violently murdered, he is railroaded into a Plea Bargain that would commit him for life to the State Mental Facility. A dark legal drama. The 109 page original screenplay is in PDF* format. Available for option or sale. Read "PLEADING INSANITY" now using your Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Other Projects

"Race Around the World" - Feature Screenplay (c)1996
Lured by a Las Vegas casino's fifty million dollar first prize, international teams match wits in a zany comedy. "Around the World in Eighty Days" and "The Great Race" in a soda can, shaken hard.

"Unframed" - Feature Screenplay (c) 1999
A fictional epilogue to the True Story of the FBI's #1 Art Theft Case: The now retired thief who took the Gadner Museum paintings ten years earlier finds herself faced with the decision of whether to steal again in order to get the stolen masterpieces back and return them to the museum.

"The Viewing" - Feature Screenplay (c) 2001
The ghost of recently deceased Walter Wright, one of Hollywood's former leading men, is stuck in the mortuary's viewing room while his friends, foes, ex-wives and children pay their respects (and disrespects) until he comes to terms with his egocentric self. An irreverent comedy.

"Lucky Bones Jones" - Feature Screenplay (c) 2001
Until a heavenly mix-up can be fixed and a guardian angel assigned to accident prone Max Jones, Saint Peter puts a "Good Luck" blessing on Max that makes him the luckiest man alive. A replacement guardian angel shows up just in time to save Max from himself.

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