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Game Summary:
WWF SmackDown! ‘Just Bring It’ begins a whole new season of the PlayStation 2 computer entertainment system. Square off against more than 35 WWF Superstars in 70 different match types as the most electrifying show in Sports Entertainment comes to life like never before. Utilizing the power of the PlayStation 2 entertainment system, WWF SmackDown! ‘Just Bring It’ graces the screen with unsurpassed detail, lightning fast action, all-new matches, a TV style presentation, 1000’s of moves and for the first time ever, exclusive play-by-play. Form the opening Titantron entrance to the final bell, each Superstar comes to life with exquisite detail and true to life motion. Perform bone-shattering finishers - from the Rock Bottom to the Stone Cold Stunner - as you annihilate opponents with more than 80 different moves per Superstar. A TV-style presentation, real-time events and on-the fly commentary called by Michael Cole and Tazz surrounds the player in the drama of SmackDown! and the spectacle that is the World Wrestling Federation as stories play out and champions are crowned.


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  New Info.

Here I have pasted in some new info from a friend on a message board he claims to have read the strategy guide in the store he works in. believe what you will...

- Justin Credible has the Superkick, AND the Twisting Tombstone as finishers!

- NO Alliance is in.

- But there was a feature on CAW, and the CAW had the name "The Hurricane", but there was no pic of the CAW

- There is a Crossface/Walls of Jericho double team move, and a double superkick

- X-Pac is in, Stephanie is in, Shane is in, Jerry Lynn is in, Debra is NOT in.

- Fred Durst has a DDT/Last Ride as his finishers.

- You CAN change Moves/Attire/Entrance in Edit-A-Wrestler, yet, you can't change their name.

- Rhyno has two Gores, One where you whip the opponent into the ropes, and Gore him, and then a standing Gore.

- Jerry Lynn has a Cradle Piledriver, and an Irish Whip Combination (???) for his finishers.

- There is NO Create-A-Belt

- Hidden Characters ARE: Jerry Lynn, Justin Credible, Rhyno, Mick Foley, Fred Durst, Tajiri, Spike Dudley, and Ivory. However, Molly is NOT hidden.

- There is a limit of 9 wrestlers in Create-A-Stable

- The Survivor Series match is confirmed.

- The new SD! Arena is IN!!

- There are 70 SmackDown! cards to unlock.


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