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The Irish consumer market is becoming more and more globally, environmentally aware and also conscious of ensuring that their properties (life investments) will increase rather then decrease in value. There are many forward thinking companies beginning to investigate new and alternative ideas in relation to supplying energy efficient equipment and alternative fuel . In 2006 the EU directive will come into effect in Ireland, in relation to energy labelling on houses. Residences that cost more to run; high heating and electrical bills, will sell for less on the housing market. While the initial investment is more expensive than the alternative, they are longer lasting and will save money ( & the environment) in the long run. The consumer will only pay the capital cost of electrical installations once BUT then they must pay the monthly running costs of all appliances. If the consumer is energy wise, it will save thousands in the long run. Homeowners can save money and the environment by installing sustainable energy systems and reducing overall energy bills; through use of heat pumps, installing a wood pellet stove, energy efficient lights and kitchen appliances.

Energy Efficiency