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Litigation has become the Great American Dream Men are now objectified in the media as much as women; nearly naked men sell jeans, soda, and soap Seven-year-old girls diet "Powerful homosexual" is no longer an oxymoron Castro is still running Cuba Iranian field hands plan their days around the satellite broadcast of a mediocre American TV show about lifeguards in bikinis There is a sexually transmitted disease that's incurable and lethal The world is more crowded but cleaner Apartheid is over The Cold War is over Africa is devolving into a real basket case Leisure time is becoming non-existent Liberalism came and went Gold holds its value Cars are rounder-looking   Plastic surgery is almost mandatory in some professions They had another Woodstock, and Pepsi-Cola sponsored it Michael Jackson married Lisa Marie Presley The richest man in the world is a computer nerd There is a Euro Disney amusement park in France You can't smoke anywhere anymore Nazis are making a comeback in the US The Japanese own Rockefeller Center - and it's now in bankruptcy Your local Savings & Loan has probably failed One of the largest entertainment companies is owned by Sony, another by Seagram Natalie Cole sold millions of copies of an album of duets with her dead dad Airbags and cupholders are the new metrics by which all cars are judged Air travel is ridiculously popular, but supersonic air travel never really caught on The US Postal Service has released stamps commemorating Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe, and the presidency of Richard Nixon One of the most popular TV shows involves following local police officers around as they arrest people O. J. Simpson has become the world's biggest star You can buy anything in the former Soviet Union: spacecraft, nuclear reactors, advanced military aircraft ... anything There is no Sears catalog and Sears is no longer headquartered at the Sears Tower   Stand-up comics outnumber nuns Miss America is deaf Gene-altered animals can be patented You can buy greeting cards for incest victims.

Doug Coupland


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