Descendants Of

Anton Schwartzenberger and Barbara Schumacher

Anton Schwartzenberger, born in Napoleon, ND the 27 April 1913, died in Ypsilanti, MI the 30 May 1983.  He  married Barbara Schumacher. Barbara was born (Private).

Anton and Barbara had 6 children :

Sally Schwartzenberger and John Alvarado

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Celestine "Sally" Schwartzenberger, born (Private), married John Alvarado, born February 06, 1935, died May 08, 1990. Email Sally.

They had 4 children :

John Alvarado and Linda Ferrabee

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John Anthony Alvarado, born (Private), married Linda Ferrabee.  John and Linda Divorced.  John married Patricia Vasques.

John & Patricia had 1 child :

Serena Marie Alvarado

Photo taken unknown date

Serena Marie Alvarado, born (Private).

Anthony Alvarado

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Anthony David Alvarado, born (Private).  He married Margarita Gonzales.

Anthony and Margarita Gonzales had 2 children:

Anthony Alvarado Jr

No current photo

Anthony David Alvarado Jr, born (Private).

Amanda Alvarado

No current photo

Amanda Marie Alvarado, born (Private).

James Alvarado and Nella Ayala

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James Philip Alvarado, born (Private), married Nella Ayala. Nella was born (Private).

They had 5 children :

Marcus Alvarado

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Marcus Philip Alvarado, born (Private).

Christopher Alvarado

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Christopher Allen Alvarado, born (Private).

Michael Alvarado

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Michael Anthony Alvarado, born (Private).

Brittany Alvarado

Photo taken unknown date

Nella & Brittany

Brittany Nicole Alvarado, born (Private).

John Alvarado

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John Francisco Alvarado, born (Private).

David Alvarado

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David Mark Alvarado, born (Private).

Email Mark

Tony Schwartzenberger and Joanne Marick

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Anton Leonard Schwartzenberger, born (Private), married Joanne Marick on (Private). Joanne was born (Private).

They had 1 child :

Michael Schwartzenberger

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Michael Schwartzenberger, born (Private).

Dennis Schwartzenberger and Cynthia Renkiewicz

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Dennis Sebastian Schwartzenberger, born (Private), married Cynthia Renkiewicz on (Private). Cynthia was born (Private), daughter of Raymond Renkiewicz and Veronica Chusiciel.

They had 2 children :

Raymond Schwartzenberger and Dawn Shepherd

No current photo

Raymond Schwartzenberger, born (Private). He married Dawn Lynnette Shepherd (daughter of William Edward Shepherd and Carolyn Ann Braden), on (Private). Dawn was born (Private).

Raymond and Dawn had 2 children:

Christopher Schwartzenberger

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Christopher Raymond Schwartzenberger, born (Private).

Leah Ann Schwartzenberger

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Leah Ann Schwartzenberger, born (Private).

Wendy Schwartzenberger and and J V Binkley

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Wendy Denise Schwartzenberger, born (Private). She married J.V. Binkley (son of Darrel Binkley and Rum Changlang), on (Private). J.V. was born (Private).

Wendy and J.V. had 1 child:

Isabella Binkley

No current photo

Isabella Reese Binkley, born (Private).

Gary Schwartzenberger

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Garold Schwartzenberger, born (Private).

Bob Schwartzenberger and Sue Frederick

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Robert J. Schwartzenberger, born (Private), married Susan Frederick, on (Private). Susan was born (Private). Email Robert and Sue.

(Note : Bob is Co-Author with Ed Gravley , of these family history web pages and is starting a web page for the descendants of Sebastian and Margaret Schwartzenberger. Email Bob at  His web page address for this underway project is:, still under construction.

Bob and Sue had 3 children :

Jennifer Schwartzenberger

No current photo

Jennifer Schwartzenberger, born (Private).

Katherine Schwartzenberger

No current photo

Katherine Schwartzenberger, born (Private).

Stephanie Schwartzenberger

No current photo

Stephanie Schwartzenberger, born (Private).

Gloria Schwartzenberger and Wayne Owens

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Gloria Faye Schwartzenberger, born in Bismarck, ND. on February 18, 1951, and died May 20, 1999, at San Antonio, TX. She married Wayne Owens on (Private).

They had 2 children:

Wayne Owens

No current photo

Wayne Jarrett Owens, born in Wise, VA. on December 05, 1977.

Wade Owens

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Wade Jace Owens, born (Private).

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