This site was founded on Feb 25, 2004.

It's purpose: for amateur poets from any profession,
gender, country etc. to share their works (in English).

We don't have grand vision or mission statements.
No fancy prizes to entice you to submit or read. No
strict guidelines on Dos and Don'ts. We trust you to
adopt appropriate net etiquette and basic common
sense. If not, there's always the omnipotent Group
Moderator...  : )


Have fun.

If you've always wanted to share your poems but have
been too shy to do so, just submit yours with a

What if people don't like my poems?
What if my poem is not good enough?

Does it matter? What's the worse that could happen?
We're all amateurs here.

So have fun.

Whether you write amateur poems or just read them,
we welcome your participation. Join us at:

Copyright 2004      Seeds O'Light2004 :: Amateur Poetry Circle

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Literature in metrical form [syn: poesy, verse]
Any communication resembling poetry in beauty or the evocation of feeling.

Easily digested: a light supper.

Light was regarded formerly as consisting of material particles sent off in all directions from luminous bodies. But it is now generally understood to consist, not in any actual transmission of particles or substance, but in the propagation of vibrations or undulations in a subtile, elastic medium, or ether, assumed to pervade all space, and to be thus set in vibratory motion by the action of luminous bodies, as the atmosphere is by sonorous bodies.

Merriam-Webster Medical Dictionary
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