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My name is Broto Suseno. I am a male from Indonesia; a lovely country in South East Asia (map). Our language is called Bahasa Indonesia (means: Language of Indonesia). I was born on October 8, 1972 in Jakarta. I've been called myself as Xenno since Elementary School although it's pronounced the same as Seno; in Bahasa Indonesia of course. I am a moslem; Insya Allah.

I have never married but at 31 Agustus 2002 I met beautiful girl named Puji Astuti. Since Januari 2003, we're getting closer and closer. I love her so much and she loves me, too. I want her to be my wife as much as she wants me to be her husband. We want to be together till death do us apart. Like she wrote in a poem, "Could we be like them... faithful to each other to the rest of our life?". She likes to write and I made a special section for her.


My father name is S. Waroto and my mother's name is Sumartini. They were great persons. I am their first child. I had little sister but God called her back before she reached 5 years old because of diphtheria. Her name is Wahyuningtyas.

My beloved parents are also already in the next world . My father died on 12 Juni 1998 at around 17:30. He was killed in a motorcycle accident when he was on his way home from work. My mother died at 1 Juli 1999 at around 2:00. Tumor took her life. May God always take care of them. I missed them so much. Now, I live alone in the house my parents had left me.


My parents worked hard to made me finished my bachelor's degree from STMIK Budi Luhur, Jakarta in Teknik Informatika major. The graduation took place at Jakarta Convention Centre at 20 April 1996. At 20 Mei 1996, I began working as Bank Niaga's system information developer staff until now. It's a good company.


I create computer applications (or programs) using my favorite Rapid Application Development (RAD) tools Borland Delphi. I messed a lot with this amazing tools to do my jobs in the company I'm working for.

In my spare time, I play music mostly at home. I also have a band called FridaY and usually we meet at a band studio once in two weeks. I love heavy metal a lot or even thrash metal. My axe was Aria Pro II SL-12. Now, I stroke with Washburn WR120. I love Metallica, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Van Halen, and a lot more heavy metal bands from 80's rock/metal genre. I don't like nowadays rock bands but thankfully there are still heavy and skillful ones like Angra, Rhapsody, Death, Gamma Ray, etc.




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