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These are some freewares available for you to download. There are all Windows 32-bit applications and built with Borland Delphi. You can download and use them freely but you should not include any of them in a commercial distribution or making money without my ! There is no support for using these softwares. Use them with your own risk.

If you want to purchase source code or have any comment, just send me . Don't forget to sign my guestbook, too.



BS Easy Back-Up 2.1

Easy back-up utility in ZIP format file with command line support.

Size: 686 KB [Download]


BS File Properties 1.0

Saves and restores attributes and/or age of files.

Size: 568 KB [Download]


BS QFV 4.0

Quick image and text files viewer with easy interface.

Size: 1.00 MB [Download]


BS Rename 2.0

Rename multiple files at once.

Size: 593 KB [Download]


BS Split 1.3

Split and join files easily for large file distribution.

Size: 561 KB [Download]


BS Text 2.8

Text file editor with tabs.

Size: 683 KB [Download]



BS Auto Ping 1.0

Simplifies ping operation and serves information in GUI for good monitoring and measuring network status.

Size: 579 KB [Download]


BS RAS Dialer 1.2

Connect to internet or remote computers easily.

Size: 548 KB [Download]


BS Time Synchronizer 1.0

Synchonize system clock with timer server.

Size: 539 KB [Download]



BS Accelerator Keys 1.0

An easy way to determine accelerator keys.

Size: 645 KB [Download]


BS Code Vault 1.1

Keeps documents and code snippets in structure.

Size: 2.23 MB [Download]


BS Delphi Message Statement 1.0

Generate Delphi's statement for showing message dialogs.

Size: 541 KB [Download]


BS Image Vault 3.2

Keep images in a file and browse them in pleasant interface.

Size: 1.13 MB [Download]


BS RAM Optimizer 1.0

Optimize computer's memory whenever it is fragmented.

Size: 649 KB [Download]


BS RegFix 1.0

Eliminate invalid path from Windows registry.

Size: 568 KB [Download]


BS Screen Capture 1.1

Capture the whole screen, window, or an area to clipboard and file.

Size: 741 KB [Download]


BS Terminator 1.0

Terminate, restore, or minimize applications easily.

Size: 601 KB [Download]


BS Tree Maker 1.0

Data tree maker with raw export/import.

Size: 667 KB [Download]


BS Web Tree 1.0

Generates basic web pages based on tree structure.

Size: 684 KB [Download]


BS XML Editor 1.0

Simple "as is" XML documents editor.

Size: 618 KB [Download]



BS AMP 3.8

Plain folder oriented audio MPEG files player.

Size: 694 KB [Download]


BS Arrange 1.2

A stupid game to help you killing time.

Size: 1.57 MB [Download]


BS Passwords 2.0

Keeps all passwords in one secured file.

Size: 903 KB [Download]




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