Microsoft Outlook


Microsoft Outlook Express is a contact management program with which you can keep track of e-mails and contacts. The Folder and Contact List features are displayed so that they make Users much simplier to manage their daily contact tasks.


(1) How to start or launch Outlook Express:

Point and click (Select) <Start><Programs>
<Outlook Express>




Double-click <Outlook Express> icon so that you can start quickly.

(2) Microsoft Outlook Express Interface.

Once you launch Microsoft Outlook Express, the following window will appear.

The interface is divided into 3 panels with a Toolbar and Folder Bar above them.

Toolbar : contains a one-click function button to allow you to write a new e-mail, check for incoming e-mails, send out e-mails, activitate the address book and search for e-mail messages.

Folder Bar : indicates which folder you have selected.

Folder List Panel : displays the names of the folders where e-mail messages are organised in INBOX, OUTBOX, SENT ITEMS, DELETED ITEMS, DRAFTS folders.

Contact List Panel : displays the names of the people you maintain in your address book, to add names to the address book.

Outlook Express Welcome Screen : displays a summary of your e-mail account as well as tips to help you use the program.



E-mail Message System

We use E-mail for Communication without having to put stamps, taking trips to the post office, faxing or making phone calls, but what we need is simply using our (e-mail address) and (e-mail password).



Difference between a website name and an email address ?


website address :


email address :





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