Welcome to Falc's Nest of Comic Animation.

Beginning of a Passion (Love Comic)

Hmm... how did it all start? The passion for drawing or the thrills of reading another comic book. The interest simply snowballed from that first encounter. That was a long time ago.

First, you have ideas buzzing in the mind, then come an itch to pencil that onto papers. Before you know it, you have a few pictures in your collection. Along the way, you will pick up some friends and supporters.

So I have drawings collected since 1986. Wow, that was 18 years ago! My style and work has changed so much. Well, That was part of the fun of keeping your work in chronical order. Every review becomes a joy, instill a sense of pride in the accomplishment. Besides, I have over a thousand comic books lying all over the house. Everyone of them brings back the nostalgia of a time in my youth and growing up. Man, I sound so old...

A Little History

Falconite is the psuedonym used in my creation of comic graphics. For short, I am usually referred to as Falc. I have some IRC presences and had frequent Austnet, couple of years back. Now I just want to do my work right and earn some proper bucks. Yes, I have used the same nick.

Falconite evolved from the words, Falcon Knight, which was one storyline, spinning in my mind since 1987 (when it all started). Now the drawings and story had refined into a new story. If you think you have what it takes to make this story or graphics more interesting, feel free to contact me.

I love to have your views and opinion on my comic graphics. You are welcome to contact me to share on this interest. Otherwise, write to me if you have a business opportunity.

I have been pushing for comic graphics appreciation since earlier days in NTU. Such as:-

  • NTU - Comic Appreciate Week (1996)
  • NTU - Comic Ensemble Founder Chairman (1997)

I love to bring Singapore's Comic Art to a higher level. Agree that this cannot be done with just myself,but at least, should make my effort count.

My Family

I have got married in Dec 2001 and the customary in September the following year. Feel free to view the photogarphs on Wedding Photo page. Thank you, all the helpers for the help on those few days.

Technology and Me

Like most guys, I am very interested with the new technology / gadgets. Like handphones, PDA, notebooks MP3 Players and High Fidelity Audio Systems etc. So you do see some reviews and comments from me.


KLAZIE.COM is an idea of mine which will allow me to do some HTML designs. It's to put my skills to better use, at the same instance, uterlise my maketing knowledge to benefit myself and others.

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