I waz 2 and da 1/2 yearz old only. Nope! It waz not my b'day but it waz my siz'z b'day. I waz a small, chubby and happy baby. At tat time, mother made me wore a pink drezz. It'z ok coz I know nothing about drezz sense. But now, if mother askz me to wear anything pink, my answer will be Hell, No!!!I hate pink. I think it'z too girlish. I prefer blue, white or maroon. But my bestfren, Idah, lovez to sabotage me by buying me giftz tat iz pink in color.

It waz my b'day party and mother made the drezzez for uz. See how sexy we were at tat time. But now, not anymore. Mother made me wore her pearlz and put on a scarf on my head. She wanted me to look pretty and sweet. She put on heavy make-up for me but not on my siz. How unfair! We often celebrated our b'dayz when we were young and invited all our frenz and relativez. Tat were da timez when we received lotz of giftz and money. So happy and exciting. Now, too old to celebrate thiz kind of b'day anymore. Nowadayz, b'day party meanz barbeque, chalet and dancing.

Thiz iz a few of da picz tat waz taken when I waz a little gal. Thiz waz taken at our second home in Queenstown. Da sweet looking gal on da left wit da sleevelezz drezz, iz my elder sister. Da cute and sexy gal on da right wit da buttonz down, iz me. Mother made uz put a white flower on our hair to make uz looked sweet and girlish. Ask me to do tat now and my answer will be "Hell No!!" Look back, how sweet I waz when I waz a kid. Wit da innocent look and sweet loving smile.

Since young, I had loved traditional dance. Hence, I joined da Malay Dance in Primary school all the way to my Tertiary Education. It'z a part of me tat I can't live witout till now. My friendz were amazed when they saw me dancing on stage. They had alwayz thought of me az being rough and rugged. Never did they realise tat I can be flexible when I dance. I used to dream of joining a dance group, "Sriwana", but I changed my mind az I have da passion to do something else in my life.

Thiz pix was taken in Oct. 1997 during my b'day celebration. I had recently broke up with my ex of two and a half yearz. A nice chap but we had to separate due to different race and religion. Being single, I celebrated my b'day with my closest frenz. My bestfriend, Idah, my best buddiez, Razi and Ansar as well as my close schoolmatez from Seletar Institute. Yup, I did my "A" levelz in a small cosy and comfortable school, Seletar Institute, where we used to call "Our Home".

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