A talented, sexy and amazingly black beauty, Lauryn Hill, iz an R & B singer wit a hit song of "Can't Take My Eyez Of You".

"You're just too good to be true...Can't take my eyez of you...you been like heaven to touch...I wana hold you so much...and long last love haz arrived... and I thanked god I'm alive...you're just too good to be true...can't take my eyez of you..."

Thiz tall, dark and charming singer cum actor, Will Smith iz da man. I lurve hiz humour and the way he smile. He just takez my breath away. Hiz goatee iz kinda cute too.

Will Smith iz an excellent dancer too. Check out hiz movez from the MTV clip "Getting jiggy wit it" ..."na nanna na nanna na...na nanna na nanna...getting jiggy wit it..."

"The Independent Women", Destiny's Child, iz very energetic and creative. They are great singerz az well az dancerz. Perfect body, sexy and beautiful...they are the idolz of many galz.

"I'm a survivor...I'm not gonna give up...I'm not gonna stop...I'm gonna work harder..."

Harry Porter iz everybody'z favorite hero rite now. He'z full of courage, brain and humour. He'z smart, witty and best of all, he'z a wizard. Yeah! I'm not joking. Harry Porter iz a true wizard!

Don't believe me? Read J.K. Rowling'z best seller book entitled "Harry Porter" and I can bet you wouldn't wanna put thiz book down. Even better, catch the Harry Porter movie which iz a hit rite now. You will be able to watch how wizardz and witchez play a game called Quidditch and also learnt some spellz to be used on your enemiez. Enjoy!

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