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Sunday, December 29th 1997
I was added to the 2 Stupid Dogs Webring and my 2 Stupid page was updated accordingly.

Sunday, December 8th 1997
The Applications page was added so visitors looking only for my finished work won't have to visit every damn page. I also made sure all pages had a link back to the main page and some links were corrected and added.

Sunday, November 16th 1997
A link was corrected on the 2 Stupid Dogs Page.

Friday, July 25th 1997
Corrected a silly flaw in interest.html that made the page look blank and corrected some minor mistakes on the Personal Page.

Wednesday, July 3rd 1997
Released [Wersting] D[ir] v1.26 and added some Perl stuff.

Saturday, June 28th 1997
Updated the Delphi Section with RefCount, a small utility to ease the checking of module reference counts. The Personal Page was slightly updated.

Friday, June 6th 1997
[Wersting] D[ir] v1.25 was released and I added Delphi Q&A for May (guess I forgot about that earlier).

Tuesday, April 16th 1997
I updated and added some pictures to the Personal Page, added Delphi Q&A for April and made som other minor changes.

Tuesday, March 16th 1997
The sound clip form was removed since I haven't got any time to maintain it. I also made some small modifications to nearly all pages.

Tuesday, February 18th 1997
Delphi Q&A for February was updated.

Saturday, January 25th 1997
[Wersting] D[ir] v1.20b was released..

Friday, January 17th 1997
Delphi Q&A for January was added to the Delphi Section.

Thursday, December 26th 1996
Big update! All pages now have the new look. The contents is the same, I've just re-formatted and split the index page into many. Please tell me if it looks like shit on your computer or if you have any other comments.

Sunday, December 12th 1996
[Wersting] D[ir] v1.20a was released. As the version number suggests, there are only small bug fixes.

Tuesday, December 10th 1996
The [Wersting] D[ir] page also got the new layout as wDir 1.20 was released. I'm working on all the other pages, I make no resolutions when they'll be done. But they'll be good! Two icons were added to the bottom of this page, I can't resist pushing for HomeSite and the HTML Reference Library.

Sunday, December 1st 1996
dClasses was added. Since I never have time to update Don't leave home without them, I've removed the reference to it. I also added some more download sites for [Wersting] D[ir] and added a completely new page, Bäck's Personal Page, where you can find information about me. The Personal Page is a sort of guinea pig for the new design of this site, though I haven't had time to change anything worth mentioning yet.

Friday, November 8th 1996
My mail address was changed to A sound clip was added to the 2sd sound clip form and some links were added to the links page. The counter on the 2sd page was also switched to a much faster one.

Wednesday, October 26th 1996
Software update day! Both [Wersting] D[ir] 1.10c and Delphi Q&A October were released on the web. I also added a Delphi bug fix among the Delphi components. As usual, some links were added.

Saturday, September 20th 1996
Nothing big. Delphi Q&A, my own Swedish Delphi FAQ, was added under the Delphi Section. Additionally, links were added to the links page, the 2 Stupid page and the JavaScript on the 2 Stupid Dogs Sound Clip page was updated quite a bit.

Saturday, September 7th 1996
[Wersting] D[ir] 1.10b was released (the parts of the source code that I've released public were updated accordingly. The 2 Stupid Dogs sound clip page was enriched with some JavaScript to prevent some people of choosing the highest quality. Finally, I found that something useful could be done with JavaScript. Trash Day was added to the 2 Stupid main page. I also added a couple of links and fixed some spelling errors. Since I don't use WebEdit any more, the logo was removed from the bottom of the main page.

Tuesday, August 27th 1996
I ran an HTML check on nearly all my pages with Doctor HTML and found that they were poorly coded. I've removed numerous unneccesary tags and hopefully made it more browser-compatible. I also added some links to the links page; Doctor HTML and WebTechs Validation Service.

Thursday, August 15th 1996
Some mistypes were corrected in the main page, the 2 Stupid Dogs Sound Clip Form was modified a bit and some links were adjusted on the links page.

Monday, August 5th 1996
A new version of [Wersting] D[ir] was released, 1.10a. It fixes a bug that caused heap overflow errors when listing large amounts of files. Also, a small mistype was corrected on the 2 Stupid Dogs Sound Clip Form.

Sunday, August 4th 1996
Today I've added the 2 Stupid Dogs Sound Clip Form. Many weeks ago I spend a lot of hours sampling 50+ top sound clips from the episodes I've recorded on the VCR. But since my host Geocities limits the account to 1 MB (and that ain't bad at all), all the sounds wouldn't fit. And after getting some request for higher-quality version of the clips I already had, I made a giant table with all the sounds. Tick the ones you want, select desired quality and format, click the Send button and you'll have the clips in your mailbox in (hopefully) a couple of hours. A counter was added to the 2 Stupid page, as I suspect it gets a lot of hits. I also fixed some visual bugs in the [Wersting] D[ir] Update-by-mail page and added a couple of programming links.

Wednesday, July 31st 1996
Finally, [Wersting] D[ir] has come in a new version. The version number, 1.10, is a big jump, but there are a lot of new features. This means a big update of the reference page, of course. I added some programming documentation links and the Tucows archive list to the links page. Also, some new DOS Pascal units were added, Flics and Waves. The Archives and Bitmaps were updated. Delphi 1.0 patches wew added. In addition, a lot of the banner bitmaps have been slightly updated for consistency. Coming up in a couple of days is a big update of the 2 Stupid Dogs page.

Friday, July 19th 1996
Being back from my 3+ week holiday up in the north, I can finally do some HTML again. The most obvious change tonight is this news section. I've had some trouble myself keeping track of what's on my page, so I figured my visitors would have a living hell doing the same thing. Some links were also added to the links page, World Wide Web Robots, Wanderers, and Spiders, SUNET Index of Swedish WWW Resources, install Section, Windows 95/NT Folder! and Galenskaparna och After Shave.

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