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Things to know

1. A * next to a source file means the source is not documented.
2. I'm trying to set up the links in each section to go from largest to smallest, but it has ended up usually with the bigger ones on top, and the lower ones on the bottom, but not in the perfect order yet. If you notice a major mistake, or you are offended by where your page is or its description, please e-mail me so that hopefully we can fix anything that you don't like.


My Stuff

* A program that makes it easier to program music in Turbo Pascal
* - A program that pretends to format your hard disk with source(pretty neat!)
* - This is a game like memory. It uses the mouse, so if you want to know how to use the mouse, this will help you learn! - This is a program to make a file a hidden file. Source included.
* - A unit for use with your modem and a program that tests it. It is set up on Com1 and 2400, but it can be changed, somehow. Download it and play around with it, and e-mail me if you get it working properly (It is SUPPOSED to work). From a kid who came to my school. - Two files here that encrypt and decrypt a text file. Simple algorithm, but effective. Source included. - This is a program to rename all gif files to random names and then rename them back. Source included. - This is a program to change the file statistics to nothing. Source included. - how to use the mouse in both text mode and graphics mode - this program lets you take over the keyboard. You can see if a user is holding down one key while pressing another and other things - if you want to know how to use parameters, download this

Other people's stuff Source to a jet game made by Landon W. Rabern Source and executables to Tank Wars by Landon W. Rabern Source and executables to a Chess by Landon W. Rabern is a helpful file to let you use mods in your programs. Very simple to use.

Major Turbo Pascal Pages

turbo pascal Joe Dickmann - This has source code galore, that you can actually use!
Turbo Pascal Programmers Page - A good all-round page for Pascal and Delphi
Pascal Central - A good page with lots of code and links
Turbo Pascal & Delphi Progamming Club - The title says it all
Khaan's Place - A cool page with source and help for beginners
Remco de Korte - Programming Page - this has some cool graphics stuff for TP and some good links
Pascal Download Area - this has a bunch of source from a nice Russian
Sources Megastore - Gobs of files and links for Pascal, tools and more
Sigma Pascal - calls itself "The ultimate website on Pascal programming"..Not bad

Pages with only source

Knight Software Home Page
All about TP
Dos Pascal Section
Pascal Page - More source
Turbo Pascal Programming - More source
Turbo Pascal Source Code - More source with extended explanations
Coder's Knowledge Base - a bunch of source separated by operating system and type

Pages with only links

Nerd World - Pascal
TP Links, made for you - A LOT of links...

Pages with a unit or one file

MasterMind for Turbo Pascal (with source)
Free Pascal Compiler - Yes, here is is, a page with a quality free pascal compiler
TMT - Home of a shareware pascal compiler

Pascal Help Files/Pages

A Supplement to Turbo Pascal - Helps you learn the VERY basics about using Turbo Pascal
Common TP Question and Timo's Answer's
An Introductory Tutorial to TP - from the Department of Computing Science at the University of Alberta
How to Code : Pascal - A paper on how to create quality code

Ftp Sites - A large amount of helpful Pascal files

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