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New Community Leader Information Center
Table of Contents

 New Community Leader
Information Center

Information Center - Page Contents
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Welcome to the Silicon Valley Community Leader Program.

The SiliconValley neighborhood is the largest and the fastest growing  neighborhood in Yahoo!.GeoCities. GeoCities was founded on January 18, 1995, and SiliconValley became the 9th. neighborhood within GeoCities on August 5, 1995. Our Liaison is Rick, who together with his 2 Assistant Liaisons Karen and Kathi work with our team of Co-Liaisons, which in turn work with their assigned Community Leaders to keep the SiliconValley neighborhood organized.

You are now located in the New Community Leader Information Center area of the SiliconValley Community Center.  What is the New Community Leader Information Center you may ask?  It is a central location for all New SiliconValley Community Leaders to find Information.  It contains a vast amount of information, which at first may seem a bit intimidating.  Hopefully it will serve as a resource guide for all Silicon Valley Community Leaders.

If you have not already been overwhelmed by all the information you received during your Community Leader training, here is some more information targeted at helping  you to adjust to the SiliconValley Community Leader Program and the way things are done here. There is a vast amount of information located here and it will only continue to grow.

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Navigation of New Community Leader
Information Center

Finding your way around can be a bit intimidating.  The New Community Leader Information Center has been designed to allow for easy navigation throughout the site.  You will notice three areas of navigation on each of the pages located here within the Information Center. You are currently at the Information Center Introduction page, which is the main area to the Information Center. 

All pages/sections, have the following three types of navigational links:

  1. TABLE OF CONTENTS - At the top of each page you will find a "Table of Contents", which lists the nine areas of the "Information Center".
  2. PAGE CONTENTS - Towards the top of each page, below the Table of Contents, you will find a "Page Contents" table listing the different sections found on that particular page.
  3. BACK TO TOP - At the end of each of the sections of the pages there is a "Back to Top" link, that will take you back towards the top of the page to the Page Contents table, allowing you to choose another section to view.

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We want your Feedback on anything you would like to tell us: 

  • Things you would like to see added here in the Information Center.

  • Things you would like to see added here in the Community Center.

  • Things you would like to see added here in SiliconValley. 

  • On the existing teams, that are here in SiliconValley.

  • "NEW" Team ideas that you would like to see added here in SiliconValley.

  • How the leadership team is doing, any problems, concerns or praises?

Anything at all, that you would like to send us feedback on, we would be more than happy to receive it. 

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