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Below, you will find each of the sections that are located here at the:
 "SiliconValley Community Center"
 and below them will be the sub-sections
 located within those particular sections.


  • EXPLORE SECTION - (This Page) This section allows you to locate everything that we to offer our visitors here at the Community Center and we also added some sub-sections such as:

  • Instant Information - This section contains ways to access information in reference to Today's News Headlines, Crime Headlines, Mortgage Calculator, and Stocks.   

  • Personal - This section contains information for your personal use, such as the Indulgence Advisor, the Compatibility Test, 

  • Search - This section contains a search engine that allows you to search the millions of Yahoo! GeoCities member pages, on any array of possible subjects and/or content.

  • Sports - This section contains a way to check for instant information, in reference to your favorite teams and sports.

  • Trivia - This section contains numerous trivia sections, that you can test your knowledge on just about any array of subjects.

  • SILICONVALLEY COMMUNITY LEADER SECTION - This section contains information in reference to the SiliconValley Community Leader Program, there is information available for both "New" and "Veteran" Community Leaders alike.

  • Join the SiliconValley Community Leader program

  • Check out the various ways our Community Leader serve the Neighborhood.

  • Find out some SiliconValley History.

  • Are you a New SiliconValley Community Leader?...Check Out the New CL Orientation Center

  • SILICONVALLEY NEIGHBORHOOD SUBURBS - Are you looking for help with Yahoo!.GeoCities, your homepage or do you have a specific question that you would like to have an answer? Then visit this section and locate the suburb in which your homepage is located in, then click on the name of the suburb and you will be taken to a page that will list the Community Leaders that are assigned to assist you and your neighbors in your suburb.

  • SILICONVALLEY NEIGHBORHOOD UPDATE - Here you can find the newest information available in SiliconValley.

  • The SiliconValley Community Leaders have opened up ten (10) out of the fifteen (15) Teams that they have available here in the SiliconValley Neighborhood, for "Homesteader Membership", Get more involved in the SiliconValley  Neighborhood........Join one of the SiliconValley Teams, Today.

  • Sign up for the SiliconValley Update. It's fast, it's easy, and it's free.....Never be left out in the cold again. Always, be informed with what is happening here in SiliconValley.......Never miss another update of the SiliconValley News and Reviews, Never miss another contest. Never be left out of the latest SiliconValley Information.

  • Contact the SiliconValley Liaison - The SiliconValley Planning Committee needs your help!......Do you want to be instrumental in the planning of different programs, events, contests and ideas in SiliconValley, then this is the place for you. This Committee will not take the place of any of the existing teams already here in SiliconValley and will only offer those teams, assistance with some new ideas and added support if needed.  This team will take an idea and make it a reality.

  • SILICONVALLEY SUPPORT AREA - Here we have listed some of the Support/Help Sites that we have located around Yahoo!.GeoCities, we know there are more of them out there and as soon as we find them, we'll add them to this section.

  • This is what we would like to think of as the "Ultimate Bookmark List" for Yahoo!.GeoCities but, we know as well as you's not but, when we was putting this list together, we sure thought it was.
  • Click Here To Add Your Site, This is an additional feature that we provide here at The SiliconValley Community Center, to our visitors that have their own web sites. By adding your web page, you will receive additional visitors from ours.

  • SILICONVALLEY FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS (FAQ's) - This is yet another listing of various links around Yahoo!.GeoCities divided into different sections. Simply choose the link that is the closest to your question and another window will open giving you an opportunity to stay on this site and the ability to search further if need be.

  • SILICONVALLEY NEIGHBORHOOD TEAMS INDEX - This is a listing of all of the teams that we have available here in SiliconValley, some are for Community Leader ONLY but, there are some that are opened for HOMESTEADERS that are interested in joining the teams here. An asterisk ( * ) denotes the teams that are available for homesteader membership - To find out additional information about any of teams or to contact the leader of the team, use the link found in the name of the team.



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