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  SiliconValley Community
Support Program.

This area introduces and explains the new
"SiliconValley Community Support Program"
that we have recently started here in the SiliconValley Community.
The "SiliconValley Community Support Program" allows all of us here in SiliconValley to join together and show others that visits our pages here in SiliconValley, the we support:
"The SiliconValley Community".
"I Support the SiliconValley Community"
Click the "Mascot" to see a list of
those that has already joined.

When you see this image, the "Official SiliconValley Mascot" on a site that you are visiting here in SiliconValley. It represents that you are visiting a site of a SiliconValley Homesteader stating that:
 "I Support the SiliconValley Community".

There is also a Web Ring that is known as the:
 "Official SiliconValley Community Support Site" Web Ring
and it is also for the SiliconValley Homesteaders that wishes to further show their support to the SiliconValley Community.

These two additions will give you the ability to join together with the others here in SiliconValley and show the others that visits your pages here in SiliconValley that you support the SiliconValley Community, it also allows the visitor to know that they are visiting some of the best sites that we have here in SiliconValley, by grouping them together in one specific area.


Click Here to find out how to join the others.



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