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Silicon Valley Community Leaders Application

Remember, being a Community Leader is an important responsibility.  Children under 13 are not permitted to apply. The personal information you will be providing is being sent to and collected by a volunteer, a Community Leader, and NOT an employee of Yahoo! GeoCities. This information is being collected solely for the purpose of evaluating your application to become a Community Leader, and determining whether you should be accepted as an SiliconValley Community Leader.  As part of the evaluation process, your information is likely to be reviewed by other SiliconValley Community Leaders, and may be kept on file by the SiliconValley Community Leaders for an indeterminate period of time.

Please Contact if you have any questions about how your information is used

Also, you can view the Yahoo Privacy Policy


Your GeoCities Membername:
Your Real Name/Handle:
Your Age:
Your Birth date (mm/dd/yyyy):
Your Email Address:
Your Neighborhood/Suburb:
Your Address (i.e., 1234)

Please enter a short bio, maximum 200 characters. This is the text that will be displayed on the official GeoCities leader listing for SiliconValley, so write it as if you were someone else talking about you:

The Essay - tell us in your own words why you think you would make a good CL for the SiliconValley.

I have verified that all pages of my site have correct links to either GeoCities or the SiliconValley.
I have reviewed the GeoCities Page Content Guidelines and my site complies with them in all aspects.
I agree to participate in a training program lasting approximately one week. I understand this will take about an hour per day during this time.





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