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SiliconValley Neighborhood Teams Index


Below is a listing of all of the teams that we have available here in SiliconValley, some are for Community Leader Only but, there are some that are opened for homesteaders that are interested in joining the teams here. An asterisk ( * ) denotes the teams that are available for homesteader membership - To find out additional information about any of teams or to contact the leader of the team, use the link found in the name of the team.


Applicant Review Team
This Team reviews an array of new applications, just about everything that requires an application in SiliconValley, this team reviews.....In different types of processes the applicants are counseled and advised of ways to better their chances before their application is sent to the next level of approval or voting.
 * Chat/Forum Team *
This Team helps monitor our Chat Rooms and the Forums, doing their best to keep them pleasant to be in. *
* Clean Up/Watch Team *
This Team provides a very important service to our neighborhood. Some very dedicated Community Leaders make sweeps of each of our suburb looking for possible Award Pages, Recruits for the SiliconValley Community Leader program and also violations to the Y!G guidelines. They work to keep our streets clean and make SiliconValley a place we are proud to call home. *
Community Leader Mentor Team
This Team is a group of experienced Community Leaders that give freely of their time to train those applicants that are approved after entering the voting booth for the position of Community Leader.
Community Leader Recruiting Team
Ever wonder just how we found you? New Community Leaders are always required for the largest neighborhood in Yahoo!.GeoCities.
* Community Page Development Team *
This Team takes care of the SiliconValley Community Center pages and is constantly looking for new ways to make the SiliconValley pages more informative to all that visits or is a part of SiliconValley. *
* Graphics Team *
This Team designs graphics for homesteaders and for the SiliconValley related pages. *
* Homesteader Support Team *
This Team handles advanced questions from homesteaders, or questions that were unable to be answered by the Community Leader receiving the question from the homesteader. *
* International Support Team *
This Team offers assistance in the homesteaders native language. They have members that speak, read and write different languages. When you find a website that you can't decipher and Bablefish can't help, then chances are the International Team can. *
New Community Leader Orientation Team
This Team assists and answers questions for newly appointed community leaders. New Community Leaders receive additional information from this team, they get shown the ropes and learn the tricks 'n' tips from experienced Community Leaders that will give them help in adjusting to the needs and demands of the homesteaders. If you feel you have stuff to share with New Community Leaders then this is the Team for you.
* News and Reviews Team *
This Team is a dedicated group of Community Leaders who maintain our online cyber-zine! They consist of writers, editors and just all around good people. Putting in endless hours of work to make sure we look good. They are always looking for writers and talent. *
* Special Events Team *
This Team is responsible for upcoming contests and/or special events in SiliconValley. This team is always looking for new and fun things to try and do here. *
* Teen Team *
This Team is a Team of Teens for Teens, this is a group of teens that has joined together and formed their own Team, if you, are a Teen in SiliconValley then this Team is for you. *
* Valley Pride Award Team *
This Team is responsible for finding the best of the best, the very best homepages that SiliconValley has to offer - "The Pride of SiliconValley"
Welcoming Team
This team has the task of greeting each new Silicon Valley homesteader when they move in and provide information helpful to getting them set up in SiliconValley.....they also provide some assistance, etc. and are averaging approximately  4000+ new homesteaders a week moving into SiliconValley. 

If you are a Homesteader in SiliconValley, and would like to get more involved in what is going on here, then CLICK HERE and find out how you can become a member of one of the teams listed below. We have opened up membership to some of the teams, to our Homesteaders here in SiliconValley.


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